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Here you will find all of the appropriate equipment and replacement parts necessary to install, replace or implement electrical switches for your access system. There are myriad switches that you can use for an entryway or exit, and we recognize that our customers have a diverse set of needs, so we’ve stocked our inventory with all of the top brands and countless products, from transmitters to circuit boards, plates, buttons, sensors and more. Please browse the following sections to find the exact product that you’re looking for today!

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  1. RCI 913B Touchless Microwave Motion Switch (Black)

    RCI 913B Touchless Microwave Motion Switch (Black)

    RCI's 913 touchless microwave motion switch is used as a contact-free switch, providing excellent control and operation of automatic doors and other openings. Our 913 switch is convenient and comfortable for the disabled and comes in multiple colors and styles for any application. Learn More

  2. RCI 915AFIB Active Focused Infrared For High Security

    RCI 915AFIB Active Focused Infrared For High Security

    The 915AFI is an active infrared, request-to-exit detector specifically designed for access control applications where maximum protection is required. Learn More

  3. RCI 9BOLLBLPC Bollard/Mounting Post For Stainless Steel Pushplates (Black)

    RCI 9BOLLBLPC Bollard/Mounting Post For Stainless Steel Pushplates (Black)

    The Bollard 9BOLLBLPC is used for mounting pushplates that activate automatic doors. It will accept RCI's 4-1/2" Square Pushplate, 4-3/4" Square Pushplate, Dual Vestibule Pushplate and 4-1/2" Round Pushplate. The post is made of durable carbon steel and the mounting bracket is made of stainless steel for strength. It can be mounted on either existing concrete or newly poured concrete. Learn More

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Electrical Switches For Your Doors

Door switches come in a variety of styles and are designed for any number of applications. Whether you want to use them for commercial purposes, or in high-trafficked areas, they can provide an extra measure of security or provide ease of access for patrons with disabilities.

Our philosophy here at Buy Access remains: whatever your needs are, and whatever application you may have for the electric switches we offer, we want to make sure that you have the exact parts that you need. So we not only have full sets for electronic switches, we also offer single replacement parts, and offer free shipping on all orders over $200, bringing you the pieces that you need with even more convenience.

All of the products that we offer are meant to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We additionally list individual parts so that replacements and repairs are easy, and you don’t have to buy an entirely new set or part that you don’t need.

This is just a small representation of the stock that we keep for electric switches, and we’re excited to be able to provide you with the products that you need to get your access system up and running.

We stand by our mission to provide you with the right tools for the job, so if you can’t find the product you need here on our site, simply contact our customer service representatives, and they will help you find what you need. Thanks for choosing Buy Access today!