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Door Switches

In this section you will find all of the door switches that we carry for our access systems, including replacement parts and sets for your existing system, whether you simply need to repair or replace your current system, or you are looking to implement something new. We take pride in having an unrivaled inventory of door switch parts, from touchless styles to a simple door jamb switch, including top brands like Camden and Dortronics. Browse our section below today, and find the exact part that you need for your system.

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Find the Right Door Switch For Your System

Finding the right door switch has never been easier for customers than here on Buy Access. Whatever application you may have for the product, we have a vast inventory that’s replete with full sets, components and parts, helping your search to be quick, easy, and return you results that actually work for your system.

Whether you’re trying to repair a current system, or implement an entirely new one, we recognize that it can be difficult to find parts that work with what you need. That’s why we carry the stock that we do. It’s made up of a very large number or door jamb switch and other door switch products that are compatible across a broad range of applications. We also have options from electronic to magnetic door switch products, so you don’t need to worry about having to settle for a product you don’t really want.

Here at Buy Access, our goal is to help our customers get the products that they need, not just ones that work for their system. Whatever your needs may be, we hope that you can find exactly what it is that you need here on this site. In fact, we encourage you to search in our handy search tool to find what you’re looking for. If it doesn’t seem to be anywhere, then just contact one of our customer service representatives, and we’ll be sure to get you the products that you need.

We carry a number of different door switches for various applications. Take for example the BEA 10MS08U Touchless Microwave Style Switch, which uses a motion sensor, much like many hand-towel dispensers, creating a “wave to open” style door opener. It’s a contact-free switch that provides both control and smooth operation of doors, so that added pressure isn’t causing strain on the doors, and egress is easily regulated.

Another example is the Dorma 800WS/RFT-1 Wireless Wall Switch, popularized for use by handicapped patrons as a way to easily open doors. This provides conveniences, helps keep your business or facility in line with proper regulations, and helps maintain the overall life of the doors hinges.

Whatever your needs for a door switch, whether it’s to limit access or enable it, we have myriad products that allow for either, and we’re excited to supply you with them today. Please browse our inventory and find what you need. Thanks for choosing Buy Access!