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Single Door Access

Here you will find a wide variety of single door security components that bolster businesses and corporate access control systems. Our extensive inventory of single door access parts and accessories consists of electric locks, digital locks, exit devices, magnetic door locks, push button locks, video entry systems, and electric strikes—all designed for single-door applications. Door controllers and keypads, and more advanced systems including proximity readers and advanced automation features are all available, with free shipping on orders over $200.

Please browse the following categories, which include all top brands and models, to determine exactly what parts are most compatible for your door control module.

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  1. RCI 4319-06 x 32D Centerline Electric Strike Fail Locked (12VDC)

    RCI 4319-06 x 32D Centerline Electric Strike Fail Locked (12VDC)

    RCI’s 4319-06 electric strikes have earned their reputation as durable, reliable and economical means of controlling access. Unique anti-vibration design prevents manipulation by vibration. Crossed wires are never a problem, as the coil is non polarity-conscious. Learn More

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    Rofu 3400-06 Mortise Or Cylindrical Fail Safe Electric Strike Body 12VDC (Less Faceplate)

    Rofu 3400-06 Mortise Or Cylindrical Fail Secure Replacement Solenoids (Power Packs / Strike Motors) Electric Strike (Less Faceplate) Learn More

  3. Schlage ES-6400-US32D Modular Electric Strike (12/24VAC/DC)

    Schlage ES-6400-US32D Modular Electric Strike (12/24VAC/DC)

    The ES-6400 fire rated strike from Schlage combines strength and convenience in an “all in one” compact, easy to install design. The ES-6400 is UL listed for 1500 lb. static strength. The unique design of the ES-6400 allows the installer to move the deadbolt keeper or plug and deadlatch ramp vertically to align with a wide variety of mortise locks with offset latches. This combined with a 1/8” horizontal adjustment provides a highly flexible and easy to install design while also eliminating the need for special face plates. A trim plate for frame cuts and a hands-free adhesive paper template are provided to simplify installation. Additional flexibility is provided by a “plug in” latch monitor switch that can be added in the field at any time after installation. The power failure mode of the ES-6400 is fail secure only for fire rated openings. In a fail secure application the door is normally locked without power. To unlock the door power must be applied. The voltage of the ES-6400 is also field selectable 12 or 24 VDC and 12 to 24 VAC. Learn More

  4. Trine EN-850 Premium Electric Strike

    Trine EN-850 Premium Electric Strike

    Trine EN-850 For new or replacement installations in wood or metal jambs. Use with cylindrical locksets, mortise locks without dead bolts, and mortise exit devices with up to 7/8” throw, based on 1/8” door gap. 1/2” Thick Faceplate. Learn More

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  5. Trine EN-950 Premium Electric Strike

    Trine EN-950 Premium Electric Strike

    Trine EN-950 For new or replacement installations in metal or wood jambs. Use with mortise exit devices, mortise locks without deadbolts and cylindrical locksets with up to 7/8” throw. Based on 1/8” door gap. Learn More

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Access Control Systems For Your Home or Office’s Single Doors

Single door access presents a number of different possibilities for securing your home or office. Whether you’re choosing to opt for a proximity reader or advanced automation, even basic access door security can be greatly enhanced by even a simple accessory.

Door locks, whether they’re push button, digital, or electric, can be a major differentiator in securing your building. We have accordingly stocked our supply with a vast selection of all the varying brands and models to meet the individual needs of our customers. Beyond the standard locking mechanisms on many home and office doors, these tools provide you with an extra layer of security that you can trust.

We know that our customers are informed, and cannot waste time trying to determine which commercial door hardware is or is not worth their time. That’s why we’ve not only provided the top brands, but also provided an incredibly large inventory that makes door access control systems for any application easily available. Just search for the models and parts you’re looking for in our search query bar, and find your target product in seconds.

A Broad Selection of Basic and Advanced Door Locks

We value having a base of customers whose needs range from the most very basic in home or office entry, to much larger needs from corporate to governmental security, and we pride ourselves in being able to provide the best selection for all of them. Each grade and model has been divided into its appropriate section.

We have door access control systems for single doors that rely on current, existing power sources, as well as ones that can be powered by an independent box. And we know that when certain parts do wear out, it can be a pain to try and hunt down the manufacturer and order that specific part—so we provide a full range of small replacement parts, that are key components of these complicated locking systems.

Rather than going through and replacing your entire system, simply diagnose the problem area, and search our extensive inventory for exactly the part you need.

Whether you have to service a high volume of single door entries or just one home, our shipping and processing is extremely accommodating for any size order. We’ll get the parts to you quickly, so that you don’t need to be worried about a compromised system.