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Push Button Locks

Push Button Locks are a reliable, durable and cost-effective way to secure restricted areas without the need to purchase and replace keys or key cards. Most models are mechanical in nature, easy to maintain and don't require electricity or batteries to operate. We provide an extensive selection of push button door lock systems as well as replacement parts and accessories. Our products are manufactured by companies that have a proven track record for producing quality locks and components, and they are securing single entry doors around the world. Come find all of the products that you’re looking for below!

Simple, Secure, Effective and Affordable

A push button lock fills an important niche that falls between a simple key lock and a high security electronic system for single door entryways. Push button locks are not complicated devices, and their internal components are usually not prone to failing or malfunctioning. They are easy to install, durable and very affordable.

Passwords can be set and reset in a matter of seconds, and access can be granted in the same amount of time that it takes to turn a key. This makes them perfect for high traffic areas that do not require sophisticated access control.

Choosing the Right Lock

Our wide selection of push button entry systems makes it easy to find the best one for your particular needs. Levers are the easiest to handle and manipulate. The are the perfect solution for doors that are accessible to people with disabilities, and they also make heavier doors easier to open. People carrying items tend to be able to enter combinations and open doors faster as well.

Push button knobs are ideal for lighter doors and for less congested entryways. They are more suitable for doors that open inward instead of outward. Thumbturn locks work well when security designs call for a more complex opening procedure that calls for an added measure of redundancy before the door can be opened. They are also the perfect solution for residential lightweight glass doors.

Redundancy and Convenience

Consider whether or not you want a unit that comes with push buttons and a keyhole to serve as a backup or alternative. Redundancy is important when dealing with professional-grade locking systems. A Push button door lock with a keyhole gives supervisors, building managers and maintenance personnel access if the mechanism fails or a new password is entered incorrectly.

Push button lock systems eliminate the need to replace keys or change cylinders if a key is lost or stolen. Imagine the time and money that is spent whenever new keys need to be made, inventoried and distributed under these circumstances. It is far easier to inform authorized personnel about a combination change than to issue new keys.

Our line of products are intended to help you maximize your options, minimize expenses and promote the level of security and access control that you are trying to achieve. The most common products are mechanical push button knob and lever locks, but our catalog contains a wide range of locks that can meet almost any need and requirement. Keep in mind that we also offer free shipping on orders over $200.

Explore our interactive catalog and take advantage of our advanced search feature to find exactly what you need. Don't hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance with choosing products or placing an order.