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Exit Devices

Single entry door exit devices are commonly known as push or panic bars, and they are designed to release the locking mechanism so that egress can be made.

There are many different exit devices on the market today, and it is essential to find the right device for the right door. A push exit device is ideal for doors without internal handles or access to the lock. A push bar is attached to most exterior emergency exit doors that open towards the outside. They are also commonplace on glass and aluminum entry doors for businesses and schools.

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Security Involves Keeping People Out and Letting People Out

Single entry door security is usually associated with keeping unwanted people out, protecting those inside and controlling internal access. However, an exit device enhances security by ensuring that occupants can egress without delay as well. An exit device needs to be durable and 100% reliable in order to ensure that occupants will be able to open the door in the event of an emergency.

They can serve two purposes by allowing for controlled egress during normal operation and emergency evacuation during a crisis.

Controlling exits from security or reception kiosks in restricted areas such as schools, hospitals, airports and detention centers is a common practice. Other exits can be fitted with a keypad, card reader or other form of identity verification before the door will open without sounding an alarm. The main distinction is that the door can still be opened in an emergency situation.

There are many different types of doors out there, and each one needs to be fitted with the proper device. There are also numerous rules and regulations that govern the type of device that can be installed on a specific door. A rim exit device will not work properly on a cooler or freezer door, and an electrified vertical pull latch is not the ideal companion for a hollow wood interior door.

Leverage, balance and accessibility are also factors to consider when choosing the right device to install on a particular door. The device should not only unlock the door on demand, but it should also assist the user with easily opening the door by providing the right amount of leverage.

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