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Electromagnetic Locks

A magnetic door lock is a popular choice due to its simple design and ease of installation. Electromagnetic locks usually do not contain a complex locking mechanism that can fail or become compromised. They can be fitted with entry interfaces such as keypads, card readers, biometric scanners or remote access control systems.

Browse through the catalog in order to discover the wide selection of electromagnetic locks and components that we carry. You will be hard pressed not to find a durable and reliable magnetic door lock system to accommodate almost every access control requirement. Outdoor, indoor, commercial and residential units are available, and you can choose between units that provide anywhere from 200-4000lbs of holding force.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Electromagnetic Locks

Ease of installation, maintenance, repair and greater security round out the top benefits of a magnetic door lock. They are very difficult to disable and compromise, and users can select the best access control interface based on their needs and requirements. Most use these locking systems to provide remote access in low to medium security environments. However, there are very strong and durable magnetic latch systems that can be installed in highly secure areas as well.

There are some magnetic latch devices that include a piston or deadbolt for enhanced security, but the majority of products use magnetized plates to lock doors. Every magnetic door lock system is designed to withstand a certain amount of push or pull force before the magnetic seal will break. A lock that is certified with a holding force of 4000lbs will probably secure the vast majority of doors from almost any intrusion. Combine that with clamping jaw features, and these doors can be virtually impenetrable.

However, the fact remains that maglocks can be forced open after the appropriate amount of pressure is applied if they do not include a reinforcing deadbolt or piston. Electromagnetic locks also require a continual electrical current to generate the magnetic forces that create the seal. Power failures can render these locks useless unless they are fitted with a battery or some other back-up power source.

How to Choose the Best Lock

Choosing the appropriate magnetic door locking system depends on the door, the level of protection that you want to achieve and how access control will be facilitated. All of our products are produced by reputable manufacturers and incorporate quality and durable components. These are not cheap items that can be purchased at the corner store, and they are specifically engineered to provide access control for high-security facilities as well as residential properties. Our catalog also includes decorative and minimalist designs that are ideal for residential entryways, windows and sliding glass doors.

You will find full product descriptions, specifications as well as suggested companion components that can add more flexibility to any access control application. Take advantage of the advanced search function to find specific parts and components, and our sales associates can answer questions that you may have about any of our products.

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