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Electric Strikes

Electric strikes are an important component of secure electronic door locking systems. It will keep the door locked when power outages occur, and the strike enables doors to be opened without unlocking or turning the handle.

This component adds an extra layer of security and redundancy, is minimally invasive and doesn't require a lot of technical configuration. We offer a large selection of electric door strike components and accessories along with a substantial amount of replacement parts. Browse the catalog below for products that range from basic and reliable fail-safe cylindrical and dead latch electric strike lock units to monitored and fire-rated mortise devices.

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Considerations Regarding Electric Strikes

An electric strike is designed to release the door locking mechanism when access is granted or when the power goes out. Fail-safe strikes will allow the door to automatically open during an outage. Fail-secure strikes keep the door closed when the power goes out. The fail-safe system is ideal ensuring that occupants can immediately egress and not get trapped inside. Fail-secure doors protect restricted areas from unwanted entry. It is critically important that you choose the right mechanism for the particular door that you are securing.

Electric strike units can be configured to work with virtually any access system including keypads, buzzers, thumb scanners or other biometric or RFID products. It is important to note that a strike is just part of an integrated system that enhances access and egress. A door lock and strike must be compatible in order for the system to function properly as well.

Proper installation of a door strike involves making permanent modifications to the door frame and jamb in most cases. Careful planning is required to ensure that a particular strike is compatible with the entire door prior to installation. It is also crucial to install the appropriate door strike plate as well.

Products for Almost Every Type of Door and Lock

We have a variety of quality and precision-engineered components that can fit almost any frame, jamb and door. This includes strikes for wood, aluminum, hollow metal and steel frames. You can also choose strikes according to voltage requirements, and we feature a wide selection of products that fall between the standard 8-24 VAC/VDC range.

The cylindrical electric door strike is by far the most popular on the market today, and we currently over 1000 different variants to choose from. Mortise and mortise exit strikes are also quite common, and you will find over 700 products in our extensive catalog as well. However, we have hundreds of strikes, solenoids and accessories for most common lock systems. Some examples include rim night and aluminum dead latches as well as concealed and surface mounted vertical rods.

An electric strike lock is an integral component of a secure and reliable access control system. We only feature the best products from top manufacturers, and these products are built with reliability and durability in mind. Make sure to explore product descriptions and specifications, and contact us if you want for further information or assistance with your purchase.