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Electric Locks

Electronic locks can be fitted to almost any door, and they provide an additional layer of security, reliability and access control. Common examples of electronic door locks include latch retraction exit devices, keypad access control systems, cylindrical knob or lever locks and electronic bolt locks. We carry these items along with a wide selection of mortise lock cases, gate locks, battery powered cabinet locks along with a full range of accessories and replacement parts. Browse through our catalog and explore product descriptions, specifications, reviews and photos. We offer simple and secure ordering, fast and reliable delivery and responsive customer support.

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Enhanced Security and Redundancy

Our inventory features quality products from top manufacturers that are specifically designed to accommodate most residential and commercial single door security requirements. These are professional-grade components that are being used in governmental buildings, banks, hospitals, schools as well as apartment buildings and homes.

The main advantage to using an electronic lock is enhanced security. They are not reliant on a mechanical system that can be easily compromised. They can be controlled remotely, incorporated into a security system and provide redundancy that is not possible with a key lock.

Choosing the right locking mechanism for your needs depends on a number of factors. The type of door, desired level of security and the access control system that will be in place all need to be considered. Our store provides a full range of products that can satisfy virtually any requirement.

Easy to Maintain or Replace

An electronic door lock can be easy maintain, repair or replace. Replacing a component in an electronic locking system is usually fast, easy and doesn't require a lot of technical knowledge. Simply identify the problem and purchase the corresponding replacement part. You also don't need to worry about calling a locksmith if you lose your key.

We carry products that can be integrated with almost any application. Our locks can be used to secure money counting rooms, cashier cages, narcotic storage areas and emergency exit doors. Electronic locks can be used to secure sliding glass as well as main entry residential doors as well. Schools and public buildings benefit from these locking systems to help regulate access control from a remote location. Access can be granted with the press of a button located at a security or reception kiosk.

Our locks can also be integrated with current wiring and access control points or specialized independent electrical boxes. You can incorporate them into backup power supplies for additional security and redundancy as well.

Our catalog includes everything from the actual locks and associated hardware to replacement components and decorative trim. We provide a one-stop resource that is designed to make browsing through our inventory to processing your order as time-saving as possible.

Contact our sales department for answers to any questions that you may have about our electronic door locks, and let us help you to find the best components for your security needs and requirements today.