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Digital Locks

Digital locks embody the convenience of a mechanical push button unit with the sophistication and power of technology. We carry a full line of digital door locks that range from keypad logging and card reading units for audit control to time controlled, alarm and simple keypad entry locks.

Our catalog includes units that will log time and date information for each user who is assigned a unique access code. We carry digital lock systems that combine keypads with access cards as well as keyhole entry options for greater flexibility and redundancy. Take time to explore all of our products below. Chances are that you will find a device that is better match than you were previously considering.

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Open the Door to All Sorts of Possibilities

Our line of lever, knob and thumbturn locks are all made with the highest quality material by reputable and trusted manufacturers. Durable, vandal resistant and weatherproof outdoor digital door lock units are ideal for entryways to secure facilities.

Sleek, elegant and stylish keypad electronic locking systems are perfect for locations where security as well as aesthetic appearances are important. The Baldwin Boulder Electronic key-less entry lock is one of our most popular residential entryway units that comes in a polished brass design with a keypad/key combination. It is a secure alternative to the traditional deadbolt, and residents can still gain access even if the key gets lost or misplaced.

We have digital door locks that can be installed as independent units in a matter of minutes as well as complex devices that can be networked together and managed from a central location. The most comprehensive entry control systems can be administered from the keypad or connected to a workstation or network for the easy management of passwords, enrollment and bulk access generation. You can set time-delays for opening or limit how long the door will remain unlocked after access has been granted.

Alarmed push bar exit devices are a common sight in airports or rear exits in retail and banking establishments. They are designed to bypass normal keypad entry or card swipe access and allow for panic egress that will sound an alarm.

You do not need to purchase a complicated digital locking system that requires expert installation and network integration. We offer independent and stand-alone digital locks that do not require specialized wiring. The Kaba E-Plex electronic cylindrical lock is an example of one of our robust and reliable locks. The design incorporates a traditional key lock, and the digital keypad is one of the easiest to program and manage.

Contrast that with the sophistication of an offline magnetic stripe and keypad entry system that stores over 5000 users, allows for access management from a handheld device or computer and can provide batch updates, and you can get a taste of the diverse collection of quality products that are currently available for immediate delivery.

You can view the full details and specifications for each product by clicking on their picture. You can also contact us at any time for answers to any questions that you may have. Remember that we provide fast, secure and streamlined order processing, and free delivery is available for purchases over $200. Thanks for choosing Buy Access today!