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Here you will find all of the necessary tools and equipment for powering your access systems, from an electrical relay, to an electric latch, power supplies, power transfers, and more. We have invested in an unparalleled inventory features products from top name brands like Adams, Keri, RCI and more. Whether you simply need a replacement power distribution device, or are looking for small electrical components to go in your existing access system, we have all of the parts and sets that you need right here. Browse our section below and find all of the parts you need here on Buy Access today!

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  1. Detex 10-800 Universal Logic & Power Supply Controller

    Detex 10-800 Universal Logic & Power Supply Controller

    The Detex 10-800 is a universal logic and power supply controller that allow for total control over all electrified hardware. The controller receives input from a switch, access control or any dry contact device and processes it into the desired output. One controller can manage applications for up to two doors, such as standard egress, delayed egress and interlocks. All connections for local or remote signaling are contained in one box. The 10-800 logic controller provides at least 2A of DC power at the door. A battery backup/charging circuit is standard with each controller to deliver an uninterrupted source of power for up to 4 hours (battery sold separately). Learn More

  2. Detex 80-800 Power Supply

    Detex 80-800 Power Supply

    The Detex 80-800 Power Supply is designed for applications requiring a continuous supply of a regulated, filtered output voltage. The Detex 80-800 Power Supply includes a battery charging circuit. Batteries provide backup for uninterrupted service. Learn More

  3. Detex 81-800 Logic Power Supply Latch Retraction

    Detex 81-800 Logic Power Supply Latch Retraction

    Detex Series 800 logic and power supplies convert 120VAC into regulated and filtered 24VDC, providing a secure, consistent, power feed to various electrified door hardware accessories, primarily access control components, such as Detex latch retraction exit devices. Learn More

  4. Detex 90-800 Power Supply

    Detex 90-800 Power Supply

    The Detex 90-800 Power Supply is designed for applications requiring a continuous supply of a regulated, filtered output voltage. Learn More

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The Electrical Components You Need For Your System

Whatever kind of power you may need to run for you access control system, we want to make sure that our customers are fully equipped with the tools, components and parts that they need so that everything runs smoothly and effectively. We know that whether you’re using a portable system, are hardwiring into existing power, or simply need a replacement part such as an electrical relay, it can be difficult and frustrating to search all over looking for the right parts.

With that in mind, we’ve stocked an unparalleled inventory of power supplies, electrical components, and other electrical power related products here on our site so that our customers, whether they know exactly what they want or not, can find the products that they need to get their systems up and functioning properly, without fear of breakdown or a compromised system.

In fact, we know that many of our customers are already aware of exactly what they need, and therefore do not have to spend a long amount of time browsing the various products that we carry. Instead, we encourage such customers to use our search tool to find their specific model, and hopefully get to the products they need faster—all a part of our effort to get products to you with greater ease, such as our free shipping on all orders over $200.

For customers who may not know exactly what they’re looking for, we have an incredible selection of products, replete with helpful guides for you to determine uses and compatibility.

Whatever your needs are for a power supply, we are confident that we can help you find what you need here on Buy Access. Our goal is not simply give you advice on how to implement things, but provide an inventory full of the products you actually need for keeping a good system working. Please contact customer service with any additional questions, and thanks for choosing Buy Access today!