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Relay Modules

Here you will find everything you need to implement or install, even update your current relay module for your access system. We recognize that all of our customers have varying needs for their access systems, so we offer an immense supply or solid state relays, electric relay modules, and other parts and equipment from top brands like Adams, RCI and more. Whatever you may need for your system, we encourage you to browse our selection below, and get the exact relay module that you’re looking for today!

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  1. Schlage DCPM-1 Adjustable DC Output Voltage Module

    Schlage DCPM-1 Adjustable DC Output Voltage Module

    Schlage DCPM-1 Adjustable DC Output Voltage Module Learn More

  2. Schlage PDD-FT DC Fire Transfer Relay Module

    Schlage PDD-FT DC Fire Transfer Relay Module

    PDD-FT DC Fire Transfer Relay Module Learn More

  3. Schlage RLBD AD-Series Relay Board

    Schlage RLBD Dry Contact Board For Either PIM400-TD2 Or PIB300-2D

    The Schlage AD-Series Relay Board (RLBD) supports the open architecture of AD-Series by building a bridge between Schlage technology and third party access control systems that use mechanical, relay-based communication. The RLBD relay board is used to extend the existing access point status signals on PIM400-TD2 (for AD-400 applications) or PIB300-2D (for AD-300 applications) devices for each access point controlled by the Interface Module. The optional RLBD relay board removes the need for custom wired relays which can be cumbersome to source, complicated to install, and difficult to troubleshoot. The use of this board over custom wired solutions increases system reliability and reduces installation labor. The RLBD is not required for integration with Schlage bright blue or other access control systems that use signal based communication such as RS485 & Wiegand. Learn More

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Solid State Relays, Electric Relay Parts & More!

Having a relay module can significantly enhance your range of uses for a door access system, and we recognize that with such a product, the applications are near limitless for how exactly one might take advantage of an electric relay. And while we recognize this, we want to make relays available to our customers in an accessible way, that helps to facilitate further ease of use and range of function in your access systems.

We know that whether you’re a school, hospital, business, or home, there are uses that you can have for a relay module that go far beyond standard expectations. With that in mind, we know that customers both know exactly what they want from a relay module, and then often times are browsing simply for something that will be helpful for their application, but they are not sure exactly what they need. In some cases one may not even know what a solid state relay is, but still now how to make good use of the tools that they are given.

For customers who do know what exactly they want for their relay module, we encourage you to take advantage of our search tool. It will help you to locate exactly what you want, and get to the products you’re looking for faster. And if for some reason you cannot find the product that you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact one of our customer service representatives for help getting that product.

For customers who are unsure of what relay modules can be useful for them, the product guides on each page are helpful for understanding compatibility and basic functions.

Whatever you do ultimately choose for your relay module, we are glad that we can serve you by helping you find the model that you need. Good luck, and thanks for choosing Buy Access!