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Power Supplies

Here you will find all of the DC power supplies and power supply components you may need for your access systems. Whether you are powering a remote access point, or running power to a smaller infrastructure, we have an incredibly broad selection of battery packs, replacement batteries, boards, and modular power supply units. Our goal is to always supply our customers with exactly what they’re looking for, so we’ve stocked an incredibly broad inventory of supplies so that you don’t have to waste time online finding the parts that you need immediately. Thanks for choosing Buy Access today!

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  1. Securitron BPSS-20 Boxed Power Supply Solar

    Securitron BPSS-20 Boxed Solar Power Supply

    Securitron's BPSS-20 is capable of powering most any single point access control device and fail secure lock (intermittent duty only) using sustainable solar and battery operated power. The BPSS-20 is the only out-of-the-box solution specifically designed for remote electric lock control. Select the BPSS-20 (20 charging Watts respectively) based on the solar activity in the area/region where installed. FACTORY ORDER. Please allow up to 1 week to ship Learn More

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  2. PHI Precision ELR154 Power Supply Electric Latch Retraction For (4) Devices

    PHI Precision ELR154 Power Supply Electric Latch Retraction For (4) Devices

    The ELR154 is a power supply REQUIRED to control ELR Devices. The power supply contains a Motherboard that will accept up to two plug-in Control Modules. Each Control Module controls one ELR Device and includes a Time Delay Feature. The Time Delay provides a variable (0 - 4 minutes) Latch Retraction period in response to a momentary input. Learn More

  3. Detex 10-800 Universal Logic & Power Supply Controller

    Detex 10-800 Universal Logic & Power Supply Controller

    The Detex 10-800 is a universal logic and power supply controller that allow for total control over all electrified hardware. The controller receives input from a switch, access control or any dry contact device and processes it into the desired output. One controller can manage applications for up to two doors, such as standard egress, delayed egress and interlocks. All connections for local or remote signaling are contained in one box. The 10-800 logic controller provides at least 2A of DC power at the door. A battery backup/charging circuit is standard with each controller to deliver an uninterrupted source of power for up to 4 hours (battery sold separately). Learn More

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Find the Right Power Supply Components Today

Having the right DC power supplies for you access system can be the differences between utilizing your system for all that you can, or having to take painful extra steps to route and power your system in a way that makes sense. Our goal here at Buy Access is to make sure that our inventory is packed with all of the power supply components that you need to make sure that your access system can run well. So whether you are hardwiring your system into the current building power supply, or you are trying to gather proper modular power supply components for a new application, it’s important that you get compatible parts here today.

For customers that both do and do not know what they need for their power supply, we are excited that our massive inventory boasts all of the necessary products for them to be equipped with the best power supplies for their access systems. Our mission is to have an inventory that reflects the diverse needs of customers, versus simply what is popular for major access systems.

We want our customers to be able to quickly find what they need, rather than emulate the frustrating experience of scouring website after website for the right product. For those customers that know what they want, we recommend using the search bar tool. It will help you locate your specific product, and even like components, quickly and easily, getting you what you need faster.

For customers who aren’t as sure of what they need, we encourage you to read the helpful guides along each product, and determine what most the makes sense.

Whatever it is that you are looking for from your power supplies, we encourage you to browse our selection of trusted brands, and get your locks fixed today! Thanks for choosing Buy Access!