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Back-up Batteries

Here you will find all of the backup power that you need to get your access systems working, with fail-proof measures so that you don’t need to worry about power outages leaving your entryways vulnerable or compromised. Whether you’ve have just used your back up battery and now need a replacement, or a backup power supply is something you hadn’t considered before, we have a very large selection of all of the best brands, the best batteries, and additional power equipment that will help your system run properly. Check below to find the backup power supply that you need today!

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The Backup Power You Need For Your System

Whatever system you have in place for your entryways, locks or other limited access systems, we know that having a backup plan is essential for your power supply. Whether you’re running a fail-secure or a fail-safe application, having backup power can be the difference between patrons’ convenience, getting locked out, or a jeopardized security in the face of an unexpected malfunction. Our backup power supplies are dedicated to making sure that you don’t run into such a situation, and instead feel prepared for whatever happens to your access systems’ power.

For customers who know exactly what the best backup power supply is for them, or customers who are exploring these options for the first time, our goal has always been to provide an inventory that reflects both the diverse needs of our customers and also the quality and convenience of top brands, and products that really work. We never skimp on quality, because we know that having a back up battery you can count on is essential when you’re access system is the difference between security and danger.

For those customers that do know exactly what they want, we encourage you to use our search bar tool. It will help you locate the products that you need quickly, and even potentially classify other compatible components that you need. We understand that much of this process isn’t just selling you on what the ideal backup power supply is, but rather providing you with the right options that fit your system.

The reason that we carry such a large inventory is that customers can easily replace, repair, install and implement systems without having to worry about compatibility. When it comes to power supplies, this can be both tricky and incredibly simple.

Please call customer service with any inquiries on finding products and getting what you need for your system. Thanks for choosing Buy Access!