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Multi-Door Access

Here you will find all of the remote access software necessary to implement, upgrade or install a multi-door system. Included are the necessary disks, drives, cables, and licenses necessary to provide complete implementation. Software will aid you in not only operating, but also installing—including enrollment—as well as maintaining and tracking your product. Our goal is to have an inventory that properly supplies our customers with whatever programs they need for their currently existing, or yet-to-be installed systems. Browse our selection below to find the software you need today.

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  1. Keyscan CA200 Access 2 Door Control Unit

    Keyscan CA200 Access 2 Door Control Unit

    Keyscan door control units are built for longevity, durability and reliability. Engineered by Keyscan, 2, door control units are designed for fast and efficient performance with standard features like dual on-board processors and heavy duty relays. Keyscan controllers are built for maximum flexibility and limitless expandability. And they're all backed with Keyscan's legendary customer service and technical support. Learn More

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Access Control Software

Determining the best remote access software for you is not as simple as picking a recognizable name brand, and then hoping that it is compatible with your system, it first determines analyzing your system’s needs, and procuring accordingly.

We offer a broad variety of access software for our customers, because we understand that each client’s needs will inevitably be different.

Computer Compatibility

Most of the products that we offer are primarily compatible with Windows software, which is the most common business-operated OS. Products like Alarm Lock’s AL-PCI2 Trilogy Audit are specially designed for use with a personal computer, minimizing the need for a large computer network, or extra non-standard computer power.

At a base level, you can expect to need at leas 10Mb of available hard drive space, and 64MB of memory on your RAM. 

Some products, like the Kaba E-Plex software, use programs like Excel to store information, while others like Samsung EZON use their own PC-based program.

Hardware Compatibility

Evaluating hardware compatibility is simply contingent upon the brands and models that you use, and how many access points you have. For a large institution such as a university or hospital, there are programs fitted to maintain thousands of doors and users accounts—whereas for small businesses with one to two doors, such a capacity may be wholly unnecessary. 

Additionally, read each product descriptions carefully to make sure that the software was built to correspond with your hardware. We do not recommend simply buying access software in hopes that it works with your access systems. Each system is uniquely designed by its manufacturer, and while there may be crossover between brands, it’s important that you check for compatibility. 

If you need assistance in determining compatibility, we have both a search tool, that can help you find the exact product you’re looking for, and also a dedicated team of customer service representatives who would be more than willing to assist you in determining which is the best remote access software for you. 

We strive to meet each and every one of our customers’ needs, so our commitment to you is to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, and make shipping and implementation very convenient. We offer free shipping on all orders over $200, and provide several bundles that make purchasing the necessary equipment an all-in-one experience.

Thank you for choosing to purchase your access control software today through Buy Access!