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Delayed Egress Systems

Delayed egress systems are a common, and necessary part of most buildings, and it is essential that these doors function properly for the sake of both safety and protocol. Given that there is a fifteen to thirty second window for communication to security personal, the cooperation of both alarm systems and egress technology is of the utmost importance, and therefore require solid infrastructure in place. We offer a vast inventory of all the necessary pieces of equipment for installing a proper delayed egress system. Browse our selection to find the parts you need.

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Delayed Egress

There are several different elements that make up a comprehensive delayed egress system, and it’s important that all of them function properly. Each of the elements that we offer in our selection are designed to represent not only the industry leading parts, but also a large selection of otherwise hard to find parts that can go towards replacing and maintaining existing infrastructure.

Rim Exit Devices

We offer both alarmed and standard rim exit devices, though the former is generally used more in collaboration with a delayed egress door. We offer both stand-alone rim devices as well as dependent ones. 

For our Detex V40 rim device, there is a 15 second delay and a 100dB alarm that meet life safety requirements. The alarm is triggered by latch bolt movement, and comes standard with both visual and audio alarm indicators. Additionally, the mortise cylinder allows for arming and dogging, and the mounting plate/strike locator allows for simple, easy installation.

Control Panels

Our control panels come standard to meet NFPA-101 life safety codes, which means that they come with a complete EDR system. The power supply, 101 controller, lock door position switch, and detection device all come complete in the EDR system. 

Dortronics also offers a simple auxiliary keypad part to fit into their control panel, for quick and easy replacement.

Delayed Egress Maglock

The DynaLock 3006 offers a high security monitor along with a 1500lb. capacity maglock. It’s Fas-trak mounting capabilities make installation quick and simple, and it’s one of the industries best magnetic locks. 

The lock features adjustable delay, an eyeball mount, and no residual magnetism, which means that the door releases without delay if it’s de-magnetized. 

Additionally we offer controllers, alarms, pins and other parts essential to the full-functioning egress system that promotes safety, security, and smooth operation. 

We pride ourselves in having a large selection of parts and integral pieces so that whether you need a full infrastructure overhaul, or just have a replacement part that needs to be installed, you can easily find what you’re looking for and get it shipped in a hurry. 

We offer shipping for free on orders over $200, and our customer service representatives will be happy to help order any parts that you may not see or find in our inventory.

To take full advantage of our large stock of supplies, we encourage you to use our search tool, which lets you type in the exact product you want and find everything you need. Thanks for choosing Buy Access today!