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Communication Interface

Communication interfaces are an important part of access systems, of every kind. This category is dedicated to the machine-to-machine communication devices that allow your door control systems to function properly. This can include interface communications from a control panel to a computer, external power supply, modem, or Ethernet gateway—connecting your systems over the Internet. Giving your systems this kind of communication is not only standard, but it is the best way to increase your systems security when breached. Please browse our selection and find the parts that are right for you.

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  1. Keri Systems NC-485X Network Converter

    Keri Systems NC-485X Network Converter

    Keri Systems NC-485 Network Converter by using Keri's LAN-520 LAN Port in combination with an NC-485 Network Converter, PXL-500 Tiger II Controllers, which are normally connected via a two-wire RS-485 network, can be connected via Ethernet to bridge long distances within a facility or campus, as well as across any distance where a LAN/WAN exists. This allows customers to combine what would normally be separate sites, each with their own RS-485 network, into a single site for better security management, whether across a corporate campus or across town. Typically, access controllers within a building or group of buildings would be connected using an RS-485 network. If cabling to another building is cost-prohibitive or impossible, but an Ethernet backbone exists between them, the connection can be made by using the LAN-520 LAN Port and NC-485 Network Converter on network segment, which converts the RS-485 network data to an Ethernet packet, then back to RS-485 where the network can be continued. If the customer choses not to run any RS-485 networking, all controllers can be connected via TCP/IP to take advantage of the existing Ethernet LAN/WAN. Learn More

  2. Keri System LAN-520 Interface

    Keri Systems LAN-520 Interface

    Keri System LAN-520 - Lan Port (RS-232 To Ethernet) Can be used with NC-485 network converter to enhance network capability Learn More

  3. Keri Systems KDP-552 Communication Cable

    Keri Systems KDP-552 Communication Cable

    Keri Systems Cable to PC or Modem Learn More

  4. Keri Systems HPP–22 Hand Held Programmer

    Keri Systems HPP–22 Hand Held Programmer

    Programming an IntelliProx unit is accomplished using the HPP-22 Hand-Held Remote Programmer. The HPP-22 has the appearance of a TV remote control, but has a different principle of operation. It is a mini-transmitter using a radio frequency (RF) rather than an infrared signal to transmit data. Unlike a television remote control (that requires a direct line-of-sight between the infrared transmitter in the remote and the infrared receiver in the television) the HPP-22 should be held parallel to the proximity antenna. Hold the HPP-22 within the range of the proximity antenna (approximately 1-foot) and press the appropriate button to send a command. Allow about 0.5 seconds for a response from the reader Learn More

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What is M2M?

The concept of m2m, or machine to machine communication, is simply how your access system communicates. It concerns technologies that can provide both wired and wireless communication routes from one device to the other. It can transmit personal data such as employee ID for prox card readers, as well as keycards and other keyless entry and electronic lock information. This can allow you to have an outside, editable database of information that gives you advanced control over your entryway access. 

In wired technology, machine to machine interface communications promotes technology like Ethernet cables, which can ultimately benefit a wireless Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, wireless m2m can be beneficial insofar as companies that don’t already have a built in wired structure can easily adapt to the new implementation.

Gateway Interface Module

A gateway interface module is optimal for multi-door functions, as it provides a central unit for which to control all of your entryways at once, rather than programming each on individually. 

Our Trilogy Networx communicate through Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and give you the advanced accessibility of programming and storage—providing all of the standard functionality that comes with a standalone unit.

USB Interface

USB interface communication modules, such as Alarm Lock’s AL-PCI2U, allow you to connect with your PC, and transfer data across multiple platforms. This can provide you with multi-function use in your keypad locks as well as control from a notebook or desktop PC. They provide a large amount of memory to match your systems needs, and help to give you unified access control.

Hand Held Programmer

A hand held programmer can be useful because then you have the added freedom of mobility. Unlike a standard television remote, the hand held programmers, like the Keri Systems HPP-22, uses radio frequencies, so that you do not need a direct line of sight. Which means that you can have control where you need it, maintaining the essential purpose of the remote access software.

For all of our communication interface products, we encourage our customers with specific needs to take advantage of our search tools. Just enter the specific product that you need, and you should find a vast inventory waiting for you of exactly what replacement or new part you want. If it’s not available, please contact one of our service representatives and we will get it to you as fast as possible. Thanks for choosing Buy Access!