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Access Control Systems

Access control systems, while a broadly defined term, here can be limited to the parts and accessories necessary to implement an access control system for a multi-door application. As stated, at a basic level, you’ll find that you can start with a single electric lock, and it can evolve to proximity-based entry ways including card readers, and even biometric fingerprint readers. Our goal is to supply our customers with the parts necessary for them to properly implement and keep-up their current systems. Browse our selection and find the parts that are right for you.

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  1. Keri Systems TDK500 2-Door Distribution Kit

    Keri Systems TDK500 2-Door Distribution Kit

    Keri has introduced a distributor 2-door shelf kit that contains the key Keri components required to install a 2-door system, and what is not included (full compliment of cards/tags, locks, switches, buttons, wire, etc.) Learn More

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Door Access Control Systems

Having a door access control system is integral to the security of your building, and we take pride in being able to supply our customers with the pieces that they need to maintain and develop their access systems. If you are considering implementing a new access control system, there are a number of things that you should take into account. 

Not only do the needs vary depending on the size of the facility, but the type of access that you want patrons of your building to receive, and the necessary level of security.

Expansion Kit

We offer expansion kits for customers who are currently looking to upgrade their systems. This includes such produces as the Kantech EK series for two- to four-door expansion. Each expansion kit differs to meet the needs of the customer, but can include all of the parts necessary for a complete access control system. That includes software among other peripherals.

The expansion kits, specifically with the starter packs, are easy to use and implement, and will require little outside help for installation, if any.

Rims & Strikes

Depending on the type of access you want to have for your doors, we offer rims and electric strikes that can attach to virtually any entryway, for a better automated system. 

These systems allow you to remotely open a door, and not worry about secure closure. This can be a big difference maker in higher security environments, where a door cannot afford to accidentally stay ajar.

Proximity Access

For more advanced access control systems, we also offer proximity access starter packs and kits. These will allow customers to distribute a broader amount of independent access capabilities, which can be necessary with a larger staff. They can also be programmed to limit certain permissions, and keep from situations like key-copying and forgery.

Access control systems can be your best step to safe-guarding and securing your entryways, and we are proud to provide the tools necessary to make that even easier. Our inventory is full of all the latest pieces and equipment that you may need, whether implementing a brand new system or just replacing certain parts.

For those customers who may already have an idea of what exactly they need from us, we encourage you to use the search bar to find the specific product you need. Thank you for shopping with Buy Access.