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Grade 2 Deadbolt Locks

Whether you have a specific corporate outfit with which you are implementing these grade 2 deadbolt door locks, or you are replacing an existing system, we have all of the parts and accessories necessary to make that a simple, affordable process. We carry a large selection of grade 2 deadbolt parts and sets for use in schools, hospitals, restrooms and more. Simply search for the part you’re looking for with our search tool, or browse the category below, and find exactly what you’re looking for today!

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Deadbolt Door Locks

If you’re looking for a grade 2 deadbolt, then you are probably looking for a viable commercial lock without opting for necessarily the highest strength standards that the industry offers. Grade 2 deadbolts will still provide a large level of protection, even more so than a standard residential lock, working well for businesses, homes and many other applications.

While it’s advised that these deadbolt door locks are primarily designed for commercial use, our inventory reflects that these have multiple uses, and it is up to the lock’s owner to decide exactly how it should be used. Our recommendation is first that you determine which grade is the optimal fit for your current system, and then decide which pieces would fit best with the equipment you are currently employing.

If you are looking to implement a new system, then we recommend that you first determine your building’s needs, and purchase accordingly. These locks, such as the Arrow E50-03 indicator deadbolt, have a myriad of uses, though some are more distinctly for commercial purposes. In the case of the E50-03, the indicator deadbolt is clearly designed for restaurant or public-space use on an individual facility, such as a bathroom or stall.

It allows for an emergency key to override the mechanism in case of a problem, and provides a large window to see the “in use” message. Made from bright brass, it provides a durable option for a simple, straightforward application.

Another example of a keyless deadbolt that we offer is the Arrow V2-51, which also features a keyed option in the case of an emergency or forgotten passcode. This standalone electronic deadbolt lock features a simple touchpad with a capacity for up to 25 individual users—making it a great option not just for a residence, but also a small business that might have a dynamic staff, or the need to keep codes disposable.

As always, our goal is to create a supply of products that is not only one of the largest of its kind, but also that appeals to our customers needs. We recognize that the majority of our customers already know exactly what they want and need from our inventory, and so we want to make those products easily available to you.

We encourage you to take advantage of our search tool to find the exact products you’re looking for—and again, if you cannot seem to locate your desired product, please contact one of our customer service representatives immediately and we’ll help you get what you need. Thanks for choosing Buy Access!