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Grade 1 Mortise Locks

Here at you will find everything you need for your existing mortise door lock or if you need a new mortise lock for your current access system. We have an unparalleled inventory of equipment, locks, locksets and replacement parts to improve, install and implement your entry ways and access systems, whether they are keyed or keyless, and we feature mortise locks from all of the top brands, including Arrow, Corbin and more. Please browse our selection below to find the exact parts that you need, and secure your access system today.

Mortise Door Lock

The mortise door lock is a resurgence of an older style, not as common on American homes, but almost universally used in Europe. A mortise lock set uses a two slotted face plate incorporating latch technology that makes it all the harder to spring if you don’t have the proper keys or access. If you are trying to implement a mortise lock into your current access system, not fit for a mortise lock, or you are simply wanting to update your current system, we have all of the parts and tools necessary for you to do so.

Differing from other traditional locks, the mortise lock features a much larger body, requiring it’s own faceplate, trim, chassis, and mounting. We carry all of these things, featuring the top brands in the industry, to ensure that whatever your needs are we can adequately supply you quickly and easily.

WE encourage all of our customers to simply locate the product that they are looking for using our search tool, which will help you find the exact set of products you need. If you know that you have a broader compatibility with which to purchase products, we also encourage you to browse our myriad of mortise locks and determine which one will be the best for your system.

So whatever you need your mortise locks for, we do much more than just supply our customers with replacement locksets. We have all of the necessary equipment from trims to housings and more, and our goal is to ensure that we carry exactly what our customers are looking for.

We understand that most often, our customers already have an idea of what they need for their next application—be it a replacement or a brand new installation. With that in mind, we do our best to keep an incredibly large inventory that has everything you need. With free shipping on all orders over $200, Buy Access is the place to get everything you need for your mortise lock today.