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Grade 1 Cylindrical Locks

We offer grade 1 cylindrical locks for virtually any application, from home to office, as the heavy-duty ultra durable choice for added security and protection. These locks are rugged and built to withstand constant use. Whatever your application may be, whether at home, office, university, church, or hospital, we offer the top brands, made with high quality materials—and we also offer replacement parts if you’re looking for bolster or refurbish your current application. Browse the selection below to find everything you need for your door lock cylinder parts and sets today!

Door Lock Cylinder

Grade 1 cylindrical locks are the strongest of their kind, providing you with a convenient latching system, most common on residential doors, with the strength to match the required integrity of a high-security commercial facility. These are a great accompaniment to a secure deadbolt, or even work well as an intra-facility access device between rooms with different clearances. We are confident that whatever door lock cylinder you need, you’ll find it here today on Buy Access.

Our goal, in keeping one of the largest access system inventories around, is that our customers can find exactly what they need for any application. We combine the best of both selection and top name brands so that you have everything you need from spare parts to full locksets, and don’t need to waste time searching all over the Internet to find the products you need.

Additionally, we want to make it even easier to get what you need for your lock system. So we’ve included free shipping on all orders over $200, and promise that if you can’t find what you’re looking for on our site, you can call one of our customer service representatives and we’ll help you find exactly what you need.

We know that in situations where you need to replace a lock, time is of the essence. So we encourage you to take advantage of our search tool, and find the exact cylindrical locks and models that you need. Rather than trying to replace the entire set, if just one small part is broken, simply find that missing part and install it into your existing application.

Take for example, our various Arrow locks. We have square corner, classroom-ready, knob, and several other locks, which are all viable for different commercial and non-commercial applications. Because they are backed by the ANSI grade 1 ranking, you can trust that they are built tough, and ready to handle any situation.

So whatever your needs are, we encourage you to browse our entire selection and find exactly what you need. Thanks again for choosing Buy Access, we’re glad to be able to help you keep your systems safe today!