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Government Locks

We have a broad selection of all the locking tools and equipment necessary to meet government standards. Whether you have a small outfit with a very simple application, or you have a much larger facility that needs a more sophisticated locking system, we have all of the parts and sets necessary for such implementations. We choose to carry top brands such as Kaba, as in addition to convenience, we also hold a certain standard of quality to the equipment that we sell. Whether you utilize our search tool for the exact part you’re looking for, or you are having trouble finding it, please browse below or contact our customer service to get exactly what you need today!

High Security Locks

Whatever infrastructure you may be equipped with, we have a myriad of the best locks available for any kind of government outfit. Whatever the application we have heavy duty locks and high security locks that are ready to be fitted for any current or planned access system.

Especially in a government office, there can be a diverse number of needs associated with limited access and access control, which can mean that a different set of locks can be needed in different areas.

Take for example our Continental Instruments Cypher Lock 1000-PBP. The push button panel is an easy-to-program lock that works with your specific needs, rather than just a single use application. It’s easy to implement into an existing system, especially if you’re looking to upgrade what you already have.

Additionally, the Cypher Lock is programmable for delayed egress, and penalizes after a number of wrong-code entries—further bolstering protection. They are designed to be operated for years of continuous use, built tough for all the uses you may have for it.

Aside from full products, we also offer spare parts from top brands, to ensure that if your current system needs maintenance, we can help you get it back up and running as soon as possible. With trusted names like Kaba and Sargent & Greenleaf, you can be confident that you’re getting the best products, designed to give you serious longevity in their use.

From high security dead bolts, to drill-resistant mounting plates and active door strikes, we offer the best in government locks that promote high security, long-term use, and quality that you can trust.

Another example of products we sell like these is the Kaba Simplex 1021R. This pushbutton lock key bypass is perfect for a limited access situation, where you have key access in addition to a programmable key code. All of your authorized users can be given the same code for easy access, and there’s no key or magnetic card necessary.

Whether you’ve already found the product you’re looking for, or simple don’t see it here, we encourage you to contact one of our friendly customer service representatives and they will help you get the part you need. Thanks for choosing find the government locks and parts here on Buy Access!