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Commercial Locks

Whatever commercial door locks you may need, we have an unparalleled selection of parts and equipment for your needs. We recognize our customers’ varying needs when it comes to commercial door hardware, and that’s why we’ve filled our inventory with all of the top name brands and replacement parts, making the parts that you need even more accessible. Whether you’re a hospital, university, large office park or small office, we have a broad spectrum of commercial locks to fit your current application. Browse our full inventory of commercial locks to see which parts are right for you.

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Commercial Door Locks

Whatever kind of institution you may need to supply locks for, we have a series of powerful locks that are ready for many different types of applications. Whether you’re a hospital, a church, school, office park, or retail store, we have what you need to not only keep your business or facility secure, but also to meet the unique needs of your patrons, users and guests.

Our goal in providing an unparalleled inventory is not simply to have all of the best brands and top names in stock, but it’s also to meet all of the varying needs that our customers have. We realize that there is not simple one solution to meet every commercial door hardware setup, and so we want to make sure that when you come to Buy Access, you can find exactly what you’re looking for, and get your system either updated or implemented as soon as possible.

Additionally, we provide the replacement parts for all of these sets as well, not just the full locks. This way, if you’re simply trying to maintain your existing system, you know exactly where you can go to order your parts, and get your lock functioning properly, and continue to use that space in a safe and secure way.

Take for example the ABH 6011-2A US32D push pull hospital door latch. This product is designed with a specific institution in mind, with varying levels of application, so it can be installed to meet the right needs for your specific door. That model comes with everything you need to get it fastened on properly, and it’s compact, providing maximum clearance between the handle and door.

Then, on the other hand we offer parts like the HPC DG2-AXS-10 door guard for a high security cylinder lock. So whether you need the full set, or just a part to accompany your existing system, we have everything that you need in our unparalleled inventory.

And if you’re having trouble finding the part that you need, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our customer service representatives immediately, and we’ll help you get what you need, so you can continue to keep your building safe.

We offer a myriad of both electric and standard locks, depending on the degree to which you need to secure your doors, and the applications for which you’ll use it. Thanks for choosing Buy Access, and we’re excited to help you find what you need today!