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Cabinet Locks

Here at Buy Access we are proud to be able to offer the best selection of cabinet lock parts and sets, whether you need a simple replacement pin, lock body or housing, we have all of the parts that you need from a variety of top name brands. Our goal is to make it simple to integrate the parts that you need with your current existing lock and access system. We know that implementing and maintaining an access system can be difficult when you can’t locate the parts you need. Below, you’ll find everything you need for your locks!

Find the Cabinet Lock You Need Today

Whatever your cabinet lock needs may be, we have a variety of levels of security, durability, and name brands from industry-leading manufacturers. Our goal continues to be helping our customers get the exact products that they need, not only to feel more secure but also to properly maintain or implement a current or new access system. Whatever cabinets you have set up or are looking to set up, we want to make sure they are properly secured.

First there is the simple sliding door lock, such as the CCL 0200 series of locks. Smaller models such as the 02069 are a push and turn mechanism, finished with brass, utilizing a simple disk tumbler. The 02290 and 02291 use a pin tumbler, and have a brass cup strike, making them more durable and heavier than the 02069.

Additionally, we also offer a file cabinet lock with a key code. We offer such products as the Codelocks CL1000 series, which comes in both horizontal and vertical styles, depending on the dimensions you need for your file cabinet or drawer. This adds an extra level of security, for customers who feel that increased exposure near the cabinets put them at a higher risk of intrusion. Whether it’s at the office or in a less secure building than your home, a heavy duty cabinet lock such as Codelocks CL1200-SG may be right for you.

Our combination locks come in both electronic and standard form, and we also have a selection of magnetic cabinet lock options, such as Securitron’s MCL-24, boasting a 200lb holding force, making it incredibly durable and useful for nearly any large cabinet. Whether you’re using a cash drawer, jewelry case or another high-security display, these locks are a small but powerful solution.

We know that many of our customers already know exactly what they need for their cabinets, and our mission is to be totally accommodating, whatever parts you may require. Whether you need a simple part replacement for an existing cabinet lock, or you need to upgrade or implement an entirely new system, we have spare parts and full sets.

We encourage you to browse our entire selection, and if you already know what it is you’re looking for, please utilize our search tool—which will get you to your product even faster. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just give one of our friendly customer-service representatives a call, and we’ll get you just what you need today.