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We have all of the keypad options that you may need to properly update, implement or install in your access system. Whether you need a keypad lock, a gate keypad, are simply looking for a way to implement your keyless entry door, we have all of the tools you need to get started with that here in our massive inventory. We encourage you to browse below and select from top brands like Alarm Lock, Dortronics, and Kaba, and find which product you need to get your keypad based access system up and running today!

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  1. Essex KE-265-5SL Keyless Entry Access Control System w/ 5 Pad LED

    Essex KE-265-5SL Keyless Entry Access Control System w/ 5 Pad LED

    The Essex KE-265 is a secured, stand-alone Keyless Entry System with features suitable for basic access control requirements. As a secured system, the KE-265 provides an enhanced level of security by storing access codes and relays in a separate control module which is installed in a secured area. Learn More

  2. Essex KTP-103-SN Single Gang Keypad Reader 26 Bit Wiegand 12 Pad 3x4

    Essex KTP-103-SN Single Gang Keypad Reader 26 Bit Wiegand 12 Pad 3x4

    The KTP-103-SN 12 Pad 3x4 is a virtually indestructible, stainless steel, Piezo electric Keypad Reader. The KTP Series is designed to interface with most OEM access control panels or industrial process control equipment. Durable enough for even the most extreme outdoor environments yet attractively designed to suit all indoor applications. Learn More

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Find the Keypad That’s Right For Your System Here!

We recognize that there are many different uses for keypads. Whether you’re putting them on doors, locks, dividers, windows, safes, or something else, there is an unlimited number of options for implementing a keypad into your access control system. If you need a keypad for any reason, we’re proud to say that our inventory boasts an incredible variety, across top brands and more, that are ready for anything you throw at them.

We recognize that our customers can have varying needs for a keypad lock, which is why we strive to have one of the largest inventories for keypad entry equipment, utilizing brands like Alarm Lock and more, to make sure that our customers are having their needs met in a way that not only keeps them safe, but also helps bring them peace of mind.

Trying to equip or maintain your access system can be a frustrating thing, and we recognize that. So our commitment to you is to bring you the tools, parts, and components that you need to get your access system up and running, and secure to keep what matters to you in. Whether you need a gate keypad, a door keypad, or a keypad for any other reason, we carry the best selection right here on our site.

So for those customers of ours who already know exactly what they want, we encourage you to take advantage of the search tool, to get to the products that you want and need even faster. And for those customers of ours who are still trying to determine the best keypad lock for their system, we encourage you simply to browse our massive stock, and see the samples of amazing products that we can provide you today.

Take for example the Alarm Lock DK3000-MB Weatherproof Access Keypad. With over 2000 possibilities for user PIN codes, this presents a multilevel access tool to it’s employing department, whatever your application may be, and it’s housed in a design that will protect the structural integrity as well as the information it stores.

Whatever you may need to find, we encourage you that if it doesn’t seem to be showing up on our site, just contact a member of our customer service team. We’ll get you what you want quickly, so thanks for choosing Buy Access today!