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Safe Keypads

Here we have all of the safe keypads and parts you may need to properly access your safe, and control access to your valuables, in both corporate and residential applications. We use trusted name brands such as Amsec and Kaba, and our inventory is full of both full sets as well as replacement parts. Whether you simply need a replacement bolt for your existing safe lock, or you’re looking to implement an entirely new lock, you keypad safe access needs can all be met here. Please browse our selection below to find the safe door lock keypad or part that’s right for you today.

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  1. Kaba Mas LA GARD 9030 SmartLinc Logic Module Satin Chrome

    Kaba Mas LA GARD 9030 SmartLinc Logic Module Satin Chrome

    The Smart Series products offer advanced features for controlling safe access. SmartLinc together make up the LA GARD Smart Series. Retail, banking and commercial environments require safe locking systems that provide the highest form of security and access control; the system must be durable and accurate, offer efficiencies to enhance employee productivity, yet ensure accountability. These features are the foundation of the LA GARD Smart Series. The Smart Series offers a range of features: multiple master codes, 8-98 users and the ability to manage up to five locks from a single logic module. Accountability is more than a deterrent; it’s the strongest weapon available to prevent internal theft. Learn More

  2. Kaba Mas LA GARD 66E-1A-BAT-KIT LGAudit Electronic Combination Lock

    Kaba Mas LA GARD 66E-1A-BAT-KIT LGAudit Electronic Combination Lock

    LaGard 66E-1A-BAT-KIT LGAudit Package includes LAG6040DB lock body, LAG3125 keypad, LG2788 small battery box with 9 volt battery and all mounting hardware. Does not include LAG42160 audit cable and software needed for programming. Audit cable sold separately. Learn More

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Safe Keypad Locks You Need For Your System

Whatever safe you may have set up for your access system, we want to make sure that you are properly outfitted with the security keypad that will keep your valuables safe, and prevent easy breaching or tampering. With that in mind we keep a massive inventory for products, parts, and replacements that are designed specifically for safes, that are sure to be useful to you in any such application.

Whatever our customers may need keypad locks for, we strive to provide the best in parts, accessories, and components necessary to keep a safe locked not only with secure technology, but with the best parts available for our customers, without going completely over budget.

There are plenty of different uses for safes, and therefore, there are also many different door lock keypad types that can work with your safe. We stock our inventory with such trusted names as Kaba, Amsec, and Sargent & Greenleaf, which are easy to integrate into almost any system, which will help you to get your access control in order even faster.

For our customers who already know exactly what they want or need, we encourage you to take advantage of our search bar, which will help you get to the products you need even faster. Likewise, using the search bar you can save time rather than browsing through our entire inventory, and sort by compatibility, and filter your results to find exactly what you need quickly and easily.

For those customers who are unsure of exactly what they need, we encourage you to seek our various safe keypads, and examine your current or planned application to determine what level of compatibility you have. Our products are mostly easy to install on nearly any application, so whatever your specific needs are, we are sure you’ll find a keypad safe lock that suits your intended use with no problem.

One such product is the Kaba Mas 252SRN10N5BEA1A Auditcon 2 Series Model 252 Round Electronic Lock. As a type 1 safe lock, this model easily outdoes type II and III mechanical locks that are simply meant for more basic applications. This also allows for multiple users, which can help further control access and keep your valuables safe.

We hope you find exactly what you need today, and thank you for choosing Buy Access!