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Door Keypads

Here we offer all of the equipment and parts necessary to implement, update or install a door access system for keyless entry purposes. We have a full selection of top name brand keypad door locks from such brands as Alarm Lock and Kaba, made from durable materials meant to bolster security and help control access to various rooms and entrances. We keep a massive stock of all of the parts necessary to implement such a system. Please browse below to find the keypad door lock or part you’re looking for today!

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  1. Essex K1-34S ALL-IN-ONE Reader/Access Controller w/ 12 Pad 3x4 Keypad Only

    Essex K1-34S ALL-IN-ONE Reader/Access Controller w/ 12 Pad 3x4 Keypad Only

    The K1 Series is an extremely versatile, All in One Keypad capable of providing either stand-alone access control or one of several industry standard outputs. Easily configured in the field, the K1 Series offers a migration path from an entry-level single door access control system to an OEM compatible Keypad Reader. For stand alone access control operation, the K1 Series requires external relays or an optional Encoded Relay Module (ERM). Field selectable configuration options include: • 26 Bit Wiegand Reader • 8 Bit Word Reader • BCD Reader • ABA Track II Reader • Serial ASCII Reader • Stand Alone Access Controller Learn More

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  2. Paxton 375-110-US KP75 Proximity & Keypad Reader

    Paxton 375-110-US KP75 Proximity & Keypad Reader

    KP readers are a keypad and a proximity reader all in one. This allows card plus PIN (or code) access control with a single reader. KP readers are for use with Switch2 and Net2 systems. Learn More

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The Keypad Door Locks You Need

We realize that in the 21st century, and especially now with developing technology, most people go far beyond a simple lock for any door, across many different types of application and for many different uses. With that in mind we want to be able to give our customers the keypad door lock that they want and need, and now allow them to compromise on quality or affordability.

That’s why we keep an unparalleled stock of door keypads for our customers to choose from. We know that whether you’re a school, lab, office park, or residence, you may have a need for a door keypad, and we don’t’ want a limited inventory leaving you feeling like you’re getting cheated out of options.

In fact, we keep one of the largest inventories around, not just because we want to have such a large resource for our customers to draw from, but because we recognize the incredible differences in need that our customers can have, and we want to make sure that each one gets taken care of.

If you’re a customer who already knows what keypad door lock they need, then we encourage you to simply utilize our search tool, which will help you get to what you need faster and more efficiently. Second, we want to let you know that if you cannot find the part you’re looking for on our site here, you can always contact a member of our customer service team to receive help getting it into your hands quickly.

We want our customers to be able to easily implement, upgrade, repair or replace the keypad door locks that they have or need, and we want to make sure that our customers are staying safe, that’s why our inventory trusts brands like Alarm Lock, Camden, Dortronics, and more for durable products that are sure to withstand and discourage attempted breaches.

One such product is the Alarm Lock PDK3000-MB. This weatherproof 12-digit keypad allows for a huge number of unique PINs as well as a durable design that features a proximity reader. Easily integrated into most if not all access system, this product can help you limit access for different employees, which also withstanding elements and hard seasons.

Please let us know if you need help finding any product, and thanks again for choosing Buy Access today!