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Door Hardware

Here you will find all of the hardware necessary to implement a proper door access system, whether it’s an entryway or system of entryways across a large campus or facility. We recognize the diverse needs of our customers, accordingly provide an unparalleled inventory of parts and equipment, from door closers, to accessories, exit devices, key equipment, as well as pivots and tools. Whatever you may need, you can either browse the following categories to find it, or you can use our simple search tool to find the exact product you are looking for. We also carry spare parts, as well as bundles and extensions as needed.

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  1. Kaba Ilco 008A Mini-Mite Manual Key Duplicator

    Kaba Ilco 008A Mini-Mite Manual Key Duplicator

    The 008A Mini-Mite will easily duplicate most all cylinder keys including large bow and double sided automotive keys. The key gauge provides accurate alignment without the need for adapters Learn More

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  2. Kaba Ilco 040 HD Automatic/Manual Duplicator

    Kaba Ilco 040 HD Automatic/Manual Duplicator

    The 040 HD is an automatic/manual function machine designed to be operated as either an automatic or manual type duplicator. The 040 accepts longer length keys and those with oversize heads. Equipped with Super Jaw 3 four-position vise jaws, the 040 HD grips virtually any cylinder key without the need for adapters. The offset carriage allows for gauging keys from the tips where necessary. Accurate, simple to operate, versatile ... the 040 HD may be just the machine you’re looking for! Learn More

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  3. Kaba Ilco 044 HD Lever Operated Duplicator

    Kaba Ilco 044 HD Lever Operated Duplicator

    The 044 HD Performance Series Key Duplicator is particularly useful when multiple duplicates of a key are needed. Features of the model include the Super Jaw 3, four-position vise jaws to provide superior key “grip” on virtually any standard cylinder key. The semi-automatic design allows the operator to duplicate with speed and accuracy. Function, combined with attractive styling, makes the 044 HD an excellent choice for standard key duplication. Learn More

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  4. Kaba Ilco 045 HD Manual Operation Duplicator

    Kaba Ilco 045 HD Manual Operation Duplicator

    A real money-maker, the 045 is the perfect basic key duplicator, ideal for virtually any key cutting outlet. Economical, accurate, and simple to operate, the 045 HD is loaded with useful features any user will readily appreciate. Its performance tested design makes it an excellent choice for store, shop or mobile use. Performance tested to assure years of dependable service. Learn More

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  5. Kaba Ilco Bravo III Lever Operated Duplicator w/ EZ-Jaw

    Kaba Ilco Bravo III Lever Operated Duplicator w/ EZ-Jaw

    The Bravo III key machine is provided with the CU50Acutter and a corresponding cutter guide. The durable cobalt steel cutter ensures a smooth, clean, accurate cut. The Bravo III is designed to duplicate common cylinder and automotive key blanks as well as Titan®and older GM® with 90 degree first cut bitting characteristics. Learn More

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Door Security You Can Trust

Here at Buy Access, our goal is to provide our customers with all of the tools that they need to properly implement their door entry systems, and that includes exterior door hardware, door security hardware, and all of the other parts and accessories necessary.

When you install or upgrade your access system, you want to be confident in the parts that you buy. That’s why our inventory represents all of the best-quality brands, and parts that will help you to maintain your systems effectively for years to come.

Commercial Door Hardware

Commercial door hardware often relies on automated systems with a broad remote range, which includes things like wire-free door openers, and other similar applications that are both simple to install and low-cost to maintain.

Whether you’re a part of a large university, hospital, office park or another complex, commercial door hardware must implicitly be strong, reliable, and able to take on the challenges of a large infrastructure. All of the door hardware we offer here represents that mission, and is proven strong, simple, and reliable.

Exterior Door Hardware

Exterior door hardware, it goes with out saying, must be not only strong, but also durable and reliable, while still being secure. Take for example our Rixson 1350 gate closer. Not only is it designed to fortify gates like those on apartment complex entryways, but it also needs to handle high volumes of traffic without losing is strength or speed.

As a policy, we make sure that we have all the parts that our customers need for their doors, because we know that door security is really not an option anymore when it comes to businesses—and homes.

Security Door Hardware

With names like Alarm Lock and Dortronics, we have all of the major brands that we’re especially made with security in mind. From rim exit devices, to alarm-fitted door handles and secure keypads—our security door hardware does a great job of protecting against the elements and intruders.

Don’t waste your time looking around another site with an incomplete inventory: we know that whether you need replacements or brand new applications, it’s a hassle to have to scour the Internet for your door hardware. Use our helpful search tool or browse our vast selection today, and find exactly what you need!