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Our inventory is stocked with all of the tools necessary for implementing your door hardware, or the accessories that you’ve purchased on our site. From dogging keys to fixtures, tap and die sets, wire splicing tools, and drill guides, we have an unparalleled inventory designed to meet the differing needs of each of our customers. Whatever you may be looking for, you can either find it in the category below, or simply by utilizing are helpful search tool. If we don’t seem to carry what you’re looking for, please contact one of our customer service representatives immediately and we will help you find it.

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  1. Sargent 437-RC/UL Removable Core Keying Kit

    Sargent 437-RC/UL Removable Core Keying Kit

    Use with the 437C or 437S kit. Includes additional pins to repin SARGENT 6300 and 10-6300 removable core cylinders. The kit includes special hollow top pins and springs which are used in the 3rd and 4th chambers only to allow for smoother operation. These pins are in the same increments as standard pins. Learn More

  2. Sargent 437C Conventional Keying Kit

    Sargent 437C Conventional Keying Kit

    This kit includes the brass pins, springs and tools needed to rekey SARGENT conventional cylinders. This heavy duty steel kit prevents pins from mixing. The kit includes 100 each of top springs 13-0265 and 100 each of bottom and master pins used in the following multi-family keyways: LA, RA, HA, CA, AA, BA, GA, KA, NA and VA. NOTE: When repinning SARGENT 6300 removable core cylinders, the 437RC/UL supplemental pinning kit is required. Learn More

  3. Sargent 439 Construction Keying Kit (Lost Ball)

    Sargent 439 Construction Keying Kit (Lost Ball)

    The 439 construction keying kit is designed to allow field construction master keying of SARGENT conventional, Signature and XC cylinders. Learn More

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Door Installation Tools

A large part of our mission here at Buy Access is simply to provide all of the tools that you could need when installing and implementing an access system. Whatever your needs when it comes to door hardware, we provide an extensive inventory of tools here for you to make sure that your systems can be properly installed or applied.

We always encourage you to use our search tool to find what you’re looking for if you have an exact idea, but you can also browse these categories to find a myriad of tools that will undoubtedly be useful in your installation process.

From wire splices to tap and die sets for mortise cylinder locks, these tools are designed to help you upgrade and implement your door entry and exit devices, without having to completely overhaul your existing infrastructure.

Wire Splice

The wire splices we carry, such as the ELK 900-2 “Yellow Jackets” are the same ones used by major telecom companies. They are able to provide a splice for wires between 18 and 30 gauge sizes, and they come in a reusable storage container. The soft brass is easy to manipulate or crimp, and they are made from very durable materials.

With a built-in test point, and insulation piercing teeth, these wire splice packages are sure to help you if you need to either reroute and existing electrical circuit, or otherwise transfer power during a door installation.

Tap and Die Set

A tap and die set is the DIY person’s biggest help. While we know that beyond purchasing parts, paying for professional installation can be very costly, this can remove some of the error caused by shoddy workmanship that’s caused by trying to fix your own door issues.

Commonly, a mortise cylinder can be improperly forced out of it’s lock, without the retaining screw having been loosened. The tap and die set helps to remove the cylinder, or install it, without it going crooked or getting stripped. This way you can reuse the screws and save the overall life of the parts.

In addition to these tools we have many others in our inventory that are designed to help you deploy an access system properly, without all the headache that comes along with confusing guides and poor workmanship. Take advantage of our massive inventory today, and find the exact parts you need to get your system up and running. Thanks for choosing Buy Access!