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Key Storage

Here you will find everything you need, from parts to full accessories, to keep your keys safe and secure. We offer an incredibly large section of key boxes and storage cabinets that are not only from the top brands, but also of the best quality and compatibility for the unique needs of each of our customers. Whether you have a large outfit that needs to be able to track many employee keys, or you would like to limit access to a small number of people, we have the tools for you. Browse our selection below or use our helpful search tool to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Key Boxes and Storage Cabinets

Everything you need to keep safe is usually behind a key—or hopefully even a keyless entry system like the many sold here on Buy Access—but to access them, you still need either a key, keycard, or code. To keep those safe, you’re going to need an entirely other system, besides simply carrying a heavy keychain on your side, to make sure that those keys stay safe. That’s why we recommend one of the many key storage systems provided here on Buy Access.

In addition to providing our customers with all of the tools that they need implement a proper, secure access system, we want to give our customers all of the products that they need to feel secure an have peace of mind. So rather than relying on defunct products that may or may not keep your keys safe, why not trust the systems that were actually designed to keep them safe and secure?

Key Cabinet Storage

For personal key storage that needs to be passed around to multiple people securely, we recommend a product like the Master Lock 5401D select access key storage box. It’s simple, agree on a code by which to lock the box, and it’s accessible simple by manually dialing the code on the outside of the box—just like a briefcase. This small, discreet box can be mounted onto nearly anything, making it easy to hide, immensely secure, and the perfect, hassle-free way to store those keys that you can’t afford to trade off constantly from person to person.

The beauty of products like these is that they are not only convenient, but backed up by industry-leading names like Master Lock, which make them a more than trust worthy option when you’re considering how to keep some of your most valuable assets safe.

For bigger needs, we also offer products like Kidde AccessPoint 001797 TouchPoint Key Cabinet Pro, which can store up to 120 keys securely. Again, rather than operating by keyed entry itself, this is a touchpad key code system that limits access to whomever you share the code with. The code is resettable and the materials are incredible durable.

Whatever your needs may be for key storage, we have all of the innovative, industry-leading solutions you may need. Take advantage of our search tool to find the exact products that you need, and keep your keys safe today.