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Key Machines

From plate switches to wire brushes and machine cutters, we have everything that you will need for your business or facility’s keys. We recognize that all of our customers will have a very diverse set of needs for which key machines are necessary, and that is why we have such a broad selection of parts, equipment, and tools necessary for the maintenance of keys. We use trusted brands like Rytan and Keri Systems, and keep a large inventory of all the necessary parts and replacements. Use our search tool or browse below to find exactly what you need today.

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  1. Kaba Ilco 008A Mini-Mite Manual Key Duplicator

    Kaba Ilco 008A Mini-Mite Manual Key Duplicator

    The 008A Mini-Mite will easily duplicate most all cylinder keys including large bow and double sided automotive keys. The key gauge provides accurate alignment without the need for adapters Learn More

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  2. Kaba Ilco 040 HD Automatic/Manual Duplicator

    Kaba Ilco 040 HD Automatic/Manual Duplicator

    The 040 HD is an automatic/manual function machine designed to be operated as either an automatic or manual type duplicator. The 040 accepts longer length keys and those with oversize heads. Equipped with Super Jaw 3 four-position vise jaws, the 040 HD grips virtually any cylinder key without the need for adapters. The offset carriage allows for gauging keys from the tips where necessary. Accurate, simple to operate, versatile ... the 040 HD may be just the machine you’re looking for! Learn More

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  3. Kaba Ilco 044 HD Lever Operated Duplicator

    Kaba Ilco 044 HD Lever Operated Duplicator

    The 044 HD Performance Series Key Duplicator is particularly useful when multiple duplicates of a key are needed. Features of the model include the Super Jaw 3, four-position vise jaws to provide superior key “grip” on virtually any standard cylinder key. The semi-automatic design allows the operator to duplicate with speed and accuracy. Function, combined with attractive styling, makes the 044 HD an excellent choice for standard key duplication. Learn More

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  4. Kaba Ilco 045 HD Manual Operation Duplicator

    Kaba Ilco 045 HD Manual Operation Duplicator

    A real money-maker, the 045 is the perfect basic key duplicator, ideal for virtually any key cutting outlet. Economical, accurate, and simple to operate, the 045 HD is loaded with useful features any user will readily appreciate. Its performance tested design makes it an excellent choice for store, shop or mobile use. Performance tested to assure years of dependable service. Learn More

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  5. Kaba Ilco Bravo III Lever Operated Duplicator w/ EZ-Jaw

    Kaba Ilco Bravo III Lever Operated Duplicator w/ EZ-Jaw

    The Bravo III key machine is provided with the CU50Acutter and a corresponding cutter guide. The durable cobalt steel cutter ensures a smooth, clean, accurate cut. The Bravo III is designed to duplicate common cylinder and automotive key blanks as well as Titan®and older GM® with 90 degree first cut bitting characteristics. Learn More

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Your Key Cutting Machine Supplier

Whether you have a need to keep supplying keys to new employees, have a growing staff, or simply have a need for manufacturing keys, and are finding that outsourcing is not the best option for you, we have all of the key making machine products you might need to keep your operation fast, convenient, and low-cost.

Our goal, even in providing a good key maker machine to our customers, is to make sure that our inventory is replete with everything that you may need to stay ahead of the game, and not stress over finding the products that you need for your access system.

Again, we encourage you to utilize our search tool to find the exact product that you may be looking for. And if you can’t find the product that you need, please immediately contact one of our customer service representatives, and we will help you get the right product into your hands. We offer free shipping on all orders over $200, as our way of saying to you that we’re on your side.

Don’t worry about getting the key duplicating machine that you need from a website that sells sub-standard equipment. We sell all of the top brands, and a selection that rivals even the biggest supplier.

The Key Machine That You Need

Take for example our Rytan RY10030 Standard Replacement Key Machine Cutter. This product is a simple replacement part, equipped for RY45, RY100 and RY256 Key Machines. It’s used to cut both cylindrical keys and medeco, giving you the diversity you need.

Beyond that, we also sell replacement parts for a key maker machine like the Rytan RY101 wire brush kit. This part works with standard Rytan key duplicators, fitting perfectly into the machine as a seamless replacement, rather than having to replace the entire machine.

We don’t just want to sell you good tools—we know that you probably already know what you want. So we are simply making it easier to find what you’re looking for. Use the search bar to find your exact product, order it, and we’ll make sure it gets to you quickly. We know that when implementing, upgrading or repairing your system, time is something that cannot be wasted, so we want to help get you what you need fast. Thanks for choosing Buy Access, we’re excited to help you today!