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Exit Device Trims

Equally important to equipping your door with an exit device, is the trim by which you set the door, and are able to install the corresponding exit devices. From panic door hardware, to a standard exit device trim, we offer all of the parts and accessories that you may need to have a secure access system. We carry the parts that you need whether you’re looking for a brand new application or simple need a replacement part. Both square and round trims are available from major brands like Adams and Dorma. Please browse the selection below to find what you need.

Panic Door Hardware

Implementation of a panic door, or rim exit tool has never been easier, especially with the broad selection of exit device trims that we offer here on our site. Our goal continues to be a commitment to helping our customers find the exact products that they need to maintain and implement the best access systems that they can, and in doing so, help reduce the stress and worry that comes with maintaining such systems.

As such, we keep an inventory of all of the best name brands, as well as a diverse number of products, replacement pieces, and parts that help our customers implement their systems easily and effectively.

An integral part of implementing those systems effectively is having the infrastructure to do so, and that’s what we try and make possible with our selection of exit device trims and panic door hardware.

Take for example our Alarm Lock DL1300ET Trilogy Narrow Stile Exit Device Trim. It comes equipped with a keypad, lock and mounting system that makes it quick and simple to install a rim exit device on your existing door. Rather than going through the trouble of trying to find a door, or entirely new entry way system that works with the desired device, this trim boasts easy installation on most aluminum glass doors, and compatibility with Von Duprin, Dor-O-Matic, Jackson, Dorma, DCI, Arrow, and Corbin panic devices.

This effectively makes it easier for you to take your exiting door system and turn it into an emergency exit, or a PC-programmed, protected entry and exit point, thus bolstering your security in a simple step, with no outside help needed for installation.

We also offer a variety of fail-safe, and fail-secure exit device trim products, so that you don’t have to change your system or your preferences to work with the security that you need. Easily integrate these trims as a part of an upgrade or brand new implementation for your next access application, and find the styles, sizes and brands that you want—don’t just settle for what lesser inventories limit you to.

We’re on your side: whether you need something that you can’t seem to find on our site, or you just haven’t quite found what you’re looking for yet, please take advantage of our search tool, and friendly customer service line to make sure that you get exactly what you need from Buy Access today. Thanks for choosing to shop with us!