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Door Accessories

Here at Buy Access, we provide everything that you need to not only install a basic entryway or access system, but also to maintain and preserve it. Beyond the basic installation of the door, there are many corresponding parts—from cabinet locks, to hinges, recessed contact points, bumpers and more—that uphold the safety and security of that door. We recognize that all of our customers will have different needs for their door accessories, whether it’s a panic bar, door security device, or something else, and that’s why we provide a massive inventory with everything you may need. Find what you need below.

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  1. Sargent 1560-EN Electromagnetic Surface Mount Door Holder

    Sargent 1560-EN Electromagnetic Surface Mount Door Holder

    The Sargent 1560 overhead stop/holder is designed to protect the door and hardware from the abuse commonly found in commercial and institutional applications. Overhead stops/holders are the most practical method of stopping a door while eliminating unsightly wall stops and dangerous floor stops. SARGENT's new 1560 door holders are designed for use with self-closing fire and smoke barrier doors and helps in controlling the spread of fire and smoke by automatically releasing doors from an open position to simultaneous closing Learn More

  2. Sargent 52-0302 Surface Mounting Box

    Sargent 52-0302 Surface Mounting Box

    Sargent 52-0302 Surface Mounting Box Learn More

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Door Security Devices and Add-ons

As any of our business-owning customers will probably be quick to tell you, there’s much more to a door than meets the eye—and whether it goes towards keeping the whole system safe, or it’s something just put in for aesthetics, we have an incredibly broad selection of items here for you.

Our goal in all of this is to make sure that you find the products that are right for you, so please: if you can’t seem to find the product that’s right for you, we’ll make sure to have one of our customer representatives find it quickly and efficiently.

Panic Bar and Other Security Features

We have both fail-safe and fail-secure panic bars and bolt locks designed to bolster the security in your facilities. A panic bar can be important, because beyond the standard door bar, you’re adding the added protection of syncing your exit system with your alarm. This is obviously ideal for emergency exit doors, or otherwise doors in higher-risk areas.

Additionally, installing these devices can be difficult if you don’t have the pre-determined infrastructure already in place. That’s why we, in addition to have a broad selection of the full pieces necessary, also offer simple parts to help make installation and implementation easier. Take for example the Detex ECL panic bar plate guard. This product’s job is simple: stop clothing from getting caught.

Our commitment is to providing an unparalleled inventory that our customers can find peace of mind in knowing we have the products that they need and don’t have time to go on a hunt for. So when you’re looking for door accessories, parts for your door security bar, or just a handy doorstop, browse our inventory or take advantage of the search tool today.