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Cards & Readers

Cards and Readers consist of Biometric Fingerprint Readers, Cards & Key Fobs, Magnetic Strip Readers, Proximity Readers, Touch Card Readers and related accessories. We offer a multitude of products to secure access to buildings and offices. We have fingerprint readers to provide fingerprint recognition as well as fingerprint authentication. We offer more than 200 types of cards and key fobs, such as click response fobs, proximity access cards and proximity key tags. We have a wide range of magnetic strip readers to secure cabinets and doors. We also supply a wide range of proximity readers, touch readers and accessories.

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  1. Kaba Simplex SP850L-2EM Starter Pack

    Kaba Simplex SP850L-2EM Starter Pack

    • English Starter Pack (Includes Function Cards, 10 User/10 Cancel Cards) Learn More

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    Kaba Simplex C85-0L02-000 Cylindrical Unit Without Latch

    Kaba Simplex C85-0L02-000 Cylindrical Unit Without Latch Learn More

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Biometric Fingerprint Readers

We offer different types of biometric finger print recognition systems to eliminate the risk of unauthorized access in business locations or offices. Our finger print recognition systems offer solutions to identify and verify individuals. We provide solutions that fit the needs of any business. We have the expertise in finger print recognition systems, and we offer protection from all unauthorized access attempts. You can browse the available products here and checkout the product that meets your needs.

Cards and Key Fobs

We offer a large selection of keycard and key fob products to secure access to offices and other physical locations. We offer cards used by employees or building security personnel to control the access to workplaces and other sensitive locations. We offer key card access systems that are used to provide access to apartment buildings, fitness centers, and any other physical structure that requires secure access. You can browse and select from more than 200 card access systems listed here.

Magnetic Strip Readers

We supply magnetic strip readers to secure cabinets, key control boxes, medical records, personal records, offices, hotel rooms, server rooms and more. Our products are easy to install and offer secure access with the stripe of a card. Some of our magnetic strip readers also work with keypad modules to provide additional security. You can browse our selection of magnetic strip readers listed here to pick the right solution for your business or office.

Proximity Readers

We offer more than 100 different HID proximity cards to secure access to physical locations. These products are easy to install. They integrate easily with other security access systems. Our products include readers for entry or exit. Many solutions offer extensive audit trails. These products are ideal for controlling vehicle access, parking sites, personnel access and visitor access. The installation and maintenance of our products are simple and easy to learn.

Touch Card Readers

We offer advanced touch readers to secure single door or multi door facilities. These products can be programmed to accomplish several functions. The device works even when there is a power outage. The control circuit may be placed at a remote location to ensure added security. The transaction details stored in a touch card reader device can be downloaded to a PC or sent to a connected printer. Our products are capable of handling thousands of cards. You can review the product details to find out more, and select the most suitable touch card reader.


We also offer different sets of accessories to go with our wide range of cards and readers. These include cable extensions, alarm locks, wireless printers, reader interface modules, HID cards enroller, handheld programmer, desktop USB enroller and more.