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Touch Card Readers

Touch card readers provide tight control over secured areas, while allowing key card holders through after sensing approved cards. Our offerings of touch card readers start with proximity sensor modules and they increase in complexity by including features like keypads, memory card readers, door handles and mechanical locks. We offer an extensive selection of proximity card reader that can serve to control access through a single doorway or can be combined to manage entry and exit at a high security complex of buildings. Explore our selection of proximity card readers to learn how you can deploy them to control access at your home or office.

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  1. Secura Key 28SA-Plus Standalone Barium Ferrite Card Reader

    Secura Key 28SA-Plus Standalone Barium Ferrite Card Reader

    The 28SA-Plus is a highly sophisticated, yet simple-to-use card access control unit for single or multi-door applications. The unit may be programmed with a PC terminal program, either locally or with the use of a modem. Basic programming functions can also be accomplished by using programming cards. Transaction information is stored by the unit and may be downloaded to a PC or serial printer. Up to 128, 28SA-Plus units can be connected together in a single twisted pair RS-485 network using the included RS-485 cable and SK-NETTM Software for Windows® XP/Vista/Window® 7. A remote reader (SK-029W) may be connected to the 28SA-Plus to allow access control in both directions through a single passageway, including true IN/ OUT anti-passback capability. Three inputs are provided which are user programmable as Door Monitor, Tamper Monitor, Remote Inactive, Remote Open, Arming Circuit, Bell, or User Defined. The Limited Use feature allows up to 4000 cards to be programmed to work for up to 500 uses, days, weeks, or days after the first use. The 28SA-Plus has 15 Access Control Time Zones and one door-unlock Time Zone. Each time zone covers a full week of access control plus Holidays in 1/2 hour segments. Daylight Saving Time is selectable to meet new or future requirements. Learn More

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Find The Right Key Card Entry System Here!

Proximity card readers operate on low voltages and consume only a small amount of energy to minimize down time. They will display a change in LED status and emit a sound to notify users whether access has been granted or not.

You can integrate touch card readers seamlessly into your building's existing lock system or replace all of the current locks. Proximity card readers can be controlled locally or remotely, enabling you to restrict access on both sides of a door. Programming can also be conduct at the module or at a remote computer.

Existing lock systems can be retrofitted with touch card readers. You can authorize existing HID cards to work with your building's card swipe reader. The locks on heavy, reinforced doors can be replaced with card reader and door handle combinations. Touch card readers with handles and mechanical locks enable administrators to override them.

The High Level of Customization Required for Complex Security Schemes

With a key card entry system access is strictly mandated by administrators. Lost or stolen keys can be deactivated, while guest and new hire keys can be created without a trip to a locksmith. Keypad enabled modules can enhance security by requiring an administrator's pin in addition to a swipe from a key card.

Users are programmed for each lock individually, which enables you to grant a user access to a specific set of areas at your building. Some users may be granted access to multiple portals, while others are limited to accessing only a single door. Furthermore, programming cards to work with multiple doors helps to simplify access to a large number of security portals for administrators.

Some proximity card readers can even produce audit reports. They will generate a log of each card they encounter, reported the card's number and time-stamping the occurrence. Audits reported by card swipe readers enable you and other administrators to track down security breaches or failed attempts to pass through security portals.

The most sophisticated of card swipe readers can be programmed to incorporate time of day restrictions. A grouping of key cards can be restricted after business hours of could be granted access to a highly secured sector of your building for a few hours out of each day for maintenance or housekeeping, for example.

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