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Proximity Readers

Proximity card readers are a door locking system that requires a smart card that can be read without inserting it into a reader. The card is simply held near the reader for a moment and the door unlocks. Typically, the proximity card reader produces a beep or some other type of indicator that the card has been read. The card and reader system allows users to leave the card in their purse or wallet and simply swipe the card close to the reader for entry. Many readers also have a standard lock on the door as a backup. We have the top brands and a massive inventory below, so find what you need today!

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  1. SDC E5P Card & Keypad Reader Controller HID Compatible

    SDC E5P Card & Keypad Reader Controller HID Compatible

    SDC E5P Single door access control system reader controllers for up to 3000 users. Network up to 99 reader controllers for management of 99 openings. Biometric fingerprint, and keypad readers are optional. Learn More

  2. SDC E4KP Standalone Proximity & PIN Card Reader

    SDC E4KP Standalone Proximity & PIN Card Reader

    The E4KP EntryCheck™ is a standalone proximity access control reader. It is keypad programmable and does not require software and computer. Learn More

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Proximity Card Reader Applications

Readers have the ability to accept two times of proximity cards: passive and active. Passive cards are the most widely used and are powered by radio frequency signals which are picked up by the reader unit. These have a limited range and must be held close to the reader. The most common use of these systems is for access to office buildings, library cards, public transit fares and contactless payment systems. Active cards utilize an internal lithium battery and have an impressive range up to 500-feet. These types of cards are commonly used for vehicle entrance through security gates as well as automated toll collection.

There are many additional applications for the two types of proximity readers and associated cards. First, many hotel chains are switching from the electronic magnetic strip system to a proximity card system. This allows for quicker access to the room, less issues with the magnetic strips and a more secure door. Second, for similar reasons, many homes and businesses are making the switch. Many major companies utilize a proximity card system for security and safety measures to track which employee enter the building at which specific time. Third, with improved capabilities of these cards, many mass transit systems are converting to fare collection without the need to swipe a card. This improves the flow of foot traffic and improves the speed of entrance through turnstiles.

A Variety of Proximity Card Readers

For the customer who needs a home or office proximity reader, we offer a ranges of readers, cards and associated accessories to fit any budget. On this page, you can search readers and cards by manufacturer, price, category, number of users, bit format, type of entry and handling.

We have keypad mechanisms, standalone units, readers that are affixed to a lock and keypad, proximity adhesive tags, proximity key-fobs and bundled systems. For an office or business, we offer bundles of keys in a variety of increments including: single, 10-pack, 25-pack, 50-pack and 100-pack. For the cards, we offer numerous designs and styles for a more customizable experience.

Many customers do not replace an entire system. If an issue arises, they focus on that specific door or lock and improve it with reader units. However, over time, many return to purchase additional readers and accessories for their system. Search our comprehensive list of proximity componentry to find what fits your budget. Whether you require a large number of proximity units and accessories or just one, we have the products you require to create a new entry system for you, your family or your employees.

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