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Cards & Key Fobs

Many electronic access control devices use an identification medium to permit authorized access whether it is for a locking device or an automated attendance box. Cards and key fobs are two of the options available. Reader cards normally come with a magnetic stripe that contains a code that the access control box will read and then identify the cardholder as authorized to gain access. A key fob can emit an electronic signal or contain a chip that remotely gives access to a secured lock, or it may have a small keypad allowing the holder to enter a pin number. For the key fob you need, browse our inventory below!

Key Fob Hardware For Your System

Buy Access is an online company that specializes in commercial access control devices that secure your most important products. The goal of Buy Access is to supply our customers with all of the products that are necessary to implement and to maintain an access control system for a multi-door application. We have had 25 years of experience providing the best quality door hardware for your security and our intent is to offer the best selection for the least expense possible. Our team consists of security experts, locksmiths, and access control specialists. In addition, we offer technical support for all of our products.

We work with you to make sure that you get exactly the type of access control system that you need. You can start with a basic single electric lock; however, the system can evolve into several proximity based entryways including card readers that use an access card or a key fob. The access control device that you choose for your secure access system can be partnered with an access card either coded or decoded, or a variety of key fobs. They are available as a complete system or you can buy individual parts to enhance your existing system.

The cost for a complete electronic system for single access entries starts at around $200 per door and up; we also have a large selection of replacement parts for existing systems. Key fob hardware can be found under accessories along with a replacement key fob for each entry in the event that the original is lost. In addition, you will find all of the necessary hardware for the components of your access control system.

We are determined to provide the best access control equipment at a price that is very affordable. We offer systems for a small facility or a large campus, according to your needs. In addition, we provide accessories, hardware and tools, along with technical support from our security experts and access control specialists. You can chat with us online, call us, or just browse through our online catalogues. Whether you need a replacement key fob, key fob hardware, parts or tools, you can find the correct parts for your access control door lock.

We hope that you find exactly what key fob or cards that you need today, and thanks again for choosing Buy Access!