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Magnetic Strip Readers

Our selection of magnetic strip readers is designed for access controls systems and they include strip and door handle combinations, self-contained card readers and keypad and reader combinations. Card reader modules use LED lights to indicate whether has access has been granted or not. Below you'll find a myriad of options, each suitable for different tiers of security. Each magnetic card reader we offer functions at a low voltage and consumes only a small amount of power. Units equipped with non-volatile memory will record programming even after a power outage has occurred. Explore our offering of card strip readers to determine which solution will best serve your home or office.

Home and Office Access Controlled by Magnetic Card Readers

Self-contained card readers deliver smooth access through single-door entry points. Self-contained modules are reinforced against blunt force and electrostatic discharge.

Managing access to your home or office comes down to balancing security and ease of access for authorized individuals. Access control portals that accept card strips arm you with the ability to activate and deactivate card keys whenever you need to. You can revoke access to lost of stolen key card and authorize key cards for guests and new employees.

Handle and card reader combinations are suitable for heavy doors and can be easily installed in place of existing locks. A swipe of an approved card and a turn of the reader's handle delivers access beyond heavy, reinforced doorways. Access to handle and card reader modules may be overridden by traditional keys.

Card strip and keypad combination modules maximize your control of your building's access points. These modules can be overridden via their keypads or mechanical keys. Wireless radios enable you or a member of your security staff to control them remotely. Their wireless support enables these modules restrict access on both sides of a door.

Tiered and Dynamic Selection of Card Readers

Our wide selection of card reader modules enable you to scale and customize your selection of magnetic card readers to fit the needs specific to your home or work place. Whether you only require a single magnetic card to cover a single door or you need to multiple modules to cover a building with tiered security, our card reader options have been selected to suit a wide range of buildings and organizations.

Security at large buildings can be extremely complex. Card readers offer the flexibility required to address organizations that have varying degrees of security clearance. When using card strip modules in your building, a single key card can be programmed to access multiple doors. The ability to program which doors a card key will have access to enables your system of card readers to be customized at every level.

Advanced Access Control

Our advanced offering of card reader modules can record their usage history. They can generate reports that contain the time stamp and card number of each entry attempt they encounter, helping to keep all members of your organization accountable for your building's security.