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Biometric Fingerprint Readers

Biometric door locks are programmed to grant entry if the lock recognizes the basic human features it is designed to recognize. These features can be of various types, including voice recognition, fingerprint detection, key features of the voice and iris scanning. There are many styles of door locks available. The high-tech versions have many important features such as an ultra-sleek design, a backup pin/card, fire detection, burglary alarm and an emergency key. Sensor speeds are less than one second. They are typically powered by AA batteries. Find the products that you need in our massive inventory below!

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Biometrics is a field of science which is speedily being developed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency and numerous private entities around the country. Several new tools that have been developed with biometric features are fingerprint readers, the fingerprint scanner, the biometric door lock and the biometric fingerprint scanner.

Biometric equipment works by scanning key features of individuals, such as the fingerprint, the iris, the voice or the facial structure and comparing the image to images stored within the database. If the image is found, the individual is granted access. If not, an alarm typically sounds after several failed attempts.

Fingerprint scanners are small devices that use silicon-based capacitive sensors to capture fingerprints. Once the image has been captured, the fingerprint is specially processed to improve the quality of the image and then encrypted for storage on the device. Models built for compatibility with smartphones often have a built-in wireless Bluetooth interface for host communication.

The scanners identify themselves and provide Serial Port Profile Services with the connecting host. Utilizing Bluetooth’s passkey and authentication, these models have the ability to establish another secured communication session with the host for the transfer of commands and data by using Advanced Encryption standard. Some fingerprint scanners also use multispectral imaging technology, enabling the measurement of fingerprint characteristics that are at and below the surface of the skin. This form of data capture bypasses traditional system vulnerabilities.

Multispectral imaging scanners are much less susceptible to normal environmental extremes of heat and humidity than their counterparts, placing them at the leading edge of liveness detection. The technology penetrates the surface and subsurface of the skin to quickly and accurately discriminate between prints made by real fingers and simulated fingerprints. This feature makes these scanners much less susceptible to counterfeit attacks.

Multispectral imaging will quickly detect a counterfeit by analyzing the subsurface data against the known characteristics of real skin.

While the lower-end biometric door locks do not have all of the features of the higher-end ones, they all share the following characteristics:

Fingerprint technology. Authorized personnel are programmed into the door lock. When the fingers of these individuals are scanned, the internal system of the lock compares them against its copies. If they match, entrance is granted. A given lock can be programmed to recognize a minimum of 30 fingerprints up to a maximum of 500.

LCD display. All biometric locks have an LCD display, making them simple to use and operate.

Versatility. Biometric locks can be fitted onto virtually any type of substance that is used to make a door. This includes all doors, from glass doors at offices to wooden and steel doors at homes.

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