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Transitioning or maintaining your card access control system requires you to have all of the necessary components in order for you to avoid vulnerabilities in your home or office's system. Our selection of accessories includes card reader enrollers, wireless infrared printers, alarm modules, desktop card enrollers and handheld programmers. Our collection of accessories for card reader systems can be shipped fast to expedite the installation or maintenance of your home or office's system. Browse the selection of accessories below to find the components required for your access control system.

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  1. Schlage WPR400-MT AD Series Wireless Portable Reader w/ Multi-Technology Reader

    Schlage WPR400-MT AD Series Wireless Portable Reader w/ Multi-Technology Reader

    The Schlage AD Series Wireless Portable Reader (WPR400) was designed to extend a facility’s access control to remote locations, at a moment’s notice. The WPR400 is a portable device that utilizes the same credential reader module as an AD Series electronic lock. The WPR400 can be held by hand or placed in a convenient temporary location to allow for credential verification. Whether it is at a temporary check point or bus load registration, the WPR400 will provide simple, intuitive feedback to the user if the credential being presented is valid or invalid via real time connectivity to the access control system. The WPR400, as well as other AD-400 locks and devices, communicate via 900 MHz frequency to the Panel Interface Module (PIM400); the PIM400 is required for communication between the AD-400 devices and the access control panel. The WPR400 was designed to be intuitive to use and easy to set up, which is critical in situations where there is a need for remote credential verification. At power-on and within range, the WPR400 is ready to accept its first credential within moments of powering up and reconnecting to the previously paired PIM400. After the credential has been authenticated by the access control system, the WPR400 provides intuitive LED light feedback. The WPR400 also has the ability to be configured to cache mode. When enabled, the WPR400 keeps a local database of valid access grants. Upon moving the WPR400 to an offline location away from the PIM400, credentials can be verified for the last 1000 valid users. Finally, the WPR400 can be manually configured to operate as a wireless portable tester. In Wireless Test Mode, the device can be used to evaluate the location of PIM400s and AD-400 devices within a specific environment, or the existing reader module can remain installed on the WPR400. Learn More

  2. Schlage SENROLL Enrollment Reader

    Schlage SENROLL Enrollment Reader

    The SENROLL Enrollment Reader can be used in conjunction with the Schlage Security Management System (SMS) Select, Premier or Enterprise Software to facilitate automatic enrollment of online and/or offline credentials into your access control system. Automatic enrollment eliminates the time involved in manually entering credential data and greatly reduces the potential for human error. FACTORY ORDER. Please allow up to 4 weeks to ship Learn More

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  3. Marks E6100 Enroller For HID Cards

    Marks E6100 Enroller For HID Cards

    Marks E6100 Enroller For HID Cards for Cards and Fobs 26 bit Learn More

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Enrollers Modules for Swipe and Proximity Cards

We offer enroller modules for both proximity and swipe card readers. Enroller modules enable you are a system administrator to authorize swipe and prox cards to work with one or more of your system's card readers. Some enroller modules plug into card reader for local programming, while USB capable modules enable you to enroll cards at a desktop computer.

Card programming from a desktop computer enables you to manage a prox or swipe card's access rights for multiple portals in a single session, enhancing the efficiency of the enrollment process in large buildings and building complexes. There's no need to activate a swipe card at each card reader individually. Desktop enroller units can be used to set up a card key's time of day restrictions as well.

Wireless Infrared Printers to Generate Audit Reports

Carder readers capable of recording access and access attempts can generate an audit report with time stamps of each occurrence. Wireless infrared printers enable you to generate audit reports in a secure area, helping limit access to the reports and their wireless designs prevents them from being tampered with.

Alarm Modules for Card Reader Systems

Some card reader system will generate alarm codes when under attack by a forced entry attempt. We offer alarm modules that will sound whenever a forced entry attempt initiates an alarm code. We offer card reader systems that include alarm modules, but we offer replacements so that your building's security stays intact after an alarm module has been tampered with or damaged.

Replacement Keypad Modules for Card Reader Systems

Our selection of keypad modules will integrate seamlessly into several access control systems. We offer upgraded keypad modules that may offer more features than the modules included with your access control system. The ability to clean them without removing the associate lock and back-lit keys are some of the enhancements that may improve on the keypads that shipped with your system.

Handheld Programmers for Proximity Card Readers

Wireless programming units provide you with the ability to activate and deactivate users in your access control system. These handheld devices can also be used to adjust the card reader's latch schedule.

Finding all of the components required to maintain and optimize your building's access control system is imperative to limit or avoid downtime at any of the security portals on your grounds. Whatever you need for your card readers and access system, we’re confident you’ll find the right accessories here. Thanks for choosing Buy Access today!